Josh Da Costa

Postgraduate LLB student at Stellenbosch University
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


BCom Economics graduate from The University of Cape Town, postgraduate LLB student at Stellenbosch University. Former PR and Communication Intern at R-Squared.

Current employment


Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Marketing and Public Relations, Writing and Research , Digital Marketing


BCom specialising in Economics
Year completed:2018
Education level:Degree
Final year subjects:Economics
Institution:University of Cape Town
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Influencer marketing authenticity

In recent times, authenticity has become the most arbitrary yet lucrative word among marketers, brands, and even influencers but doesn't it seem almost paradoxical to combine authenticity with marketing?...

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 14 Nov 2018

A global first! BrandNest: Your social insurance

R-Squared Digital has announced a world-first - BrandNest, a social media crisis management solution using influencers...

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 1 Nov 2018

Is your paid partnership paying off?

In a world of uncertainty, can brands and influencers afford to lack transparency and disclosure?...

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 16 Oct 2018

The good, the bad and the ugly side of influencer marketing

In this final article of the series, you'll be able to see the good and the bad side of influencer campaign planning and management, or the lack thereof...

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 9 Oct 2018

The dangers of mismanaging an influencer campaign

You've run through a risk management process with your influencers and determined how to mitigate brand risk effectively. What if you haven't considered all the factors?..

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 2 Oct 2018

Influencer campaign planning shouldn't be Mission Impossible

You've noticed that your audience isn't really engaging with the content and you're starting to question why your audience seems to have become alienated from the brand...

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 20 Sep 2018

Influencer selection: The obvious choice is not always the best

It's finally here: a campaign celebrating the launch of your new fashion brand. You're excited to partner with the right influencers who match your energy. Which influencer should you select?...

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 7 Sep 2018

The power of a dedicated influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing campaigns that do not incorporate dedicated strategies too often produce disappointing ROIs. Let's explore why...

By Josh Da Costa, Issued by R-Squared SA 30 Aug 2018

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