Dries Badenhorst

Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams - Northern Suburbs, Western Cape
Location:Durbanville, South Africa


Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is an international real estate franchise company with real estate agents across the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Africa. On its 30th anniversary, Keller Williams Realty celebrated becoming the no. 1 Real Estate Company by agent count in the United States.
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BA Degree
Year completed:1996
Education level:Degree
Institution:University of Stellenbosch
Location:Stellenbosch, South Africa


Dries Badenhorst
[Marketing & Media] Cape Town seek to change Outdoor Advertising Policy: http://tinyurl.com/mpyg4q2
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Dries Badenhorst
[Marketing & Media] Wimpy Van Der Sandt gesels #BokRadio met TownCaptain.com #bokke
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Dries Badenhorst
[Marketing & Media] Wimpy Van Der Sandt gesels #BokRadio met TownCaptain.com #bokke
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Dries Badenhorst
[Marketing & Media] TownCaptain.com and comUvid News Show - #Rugby #WPRUGBY
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Dries Badenhorst
[Marketing & Media] Ferdinand Rabie talks to TownCaptain.com about October Fest 2012
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[In conversation with] Brett van Aswegen

In his twenties, Brett was in a junior position at the Edcon Group when he told his peers that he was going to be a director of a listed company by the age of 35. Although they scoffed at this declaration, he was not deterred, and achieved his goal at 31...

By Dries Badenhorst 23 Sep 2015

Folding box board is changed forever

Sappi Speciality Papers have announced the introduction of 'Atelier', a new concept in folding box board (FBB) that broadens Sappi's offering in both width and depth of virgin-coated fibre boards for the packaging market...

By Dries Badenhorst 8 Sep 2015

Hitting the tweet spot with Twitter

The question that arises most with regards to tweeting relates to the frequency of tweeting. How many times is acceptable and how many times is too much...

By Dries Badenhorst 21 Aug 2015

Community radio advertising - 13 reasons why local is lekka!

With us living in the "attention economy" age, it is increasingly difficult to get your marketing messages out there and noticed. New technologies do not make it any easier...

By Dries Badenhorst 14 Aug 2015

Learn how to positively influence your digital brand reputation

The digital universe is expanding and evolving. To keep up, attend a special webinar next week to find out how to take advantage of the 'Attention Economy'...

By Dries Badenhorst, Issued by Meltwater 28 Jul 2015

Programmatic or problematic advertising for SA's online publishers?

Programmatic advertising is no newbie when it comes to the buying behaviour of online banner advertising. For those not in the know, it typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising...

By Dries Badenhorst 17 Feb 2015

Pinterest vs Instagram: The battle of the photo continues

We'll never have a shortage of challenges as the digital creeper sprouts out new vines at an uncontrollable speed...

By Dries Badenhorst 12 Feb 2015

The most common error in your online content strategy

Craig Davis said: "We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in." I would add in: "where they want to receive information about their interests"...

By Dries Badenhorst 10 Feb 2015

Email newsletters: Keep customers informed to get repeat business

Email newsletters are the medium most commonly used by companies to communicate with prospective customers and current customers. The goal of this communication is to educate, inform and persuade customers to visit them again...

By Dries Badenhorst 24 Nov 2014

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