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Feral Cat Feeding Scheme sponsorship request

We are the Feral Cat Feeding Scheme. In order to raise funds, we go to various markets/venues in order to keep the cat sanctuary going, but we cannot do this without transport.
-Our Very old 1988 VW Microbus car needs continuous extensive repairs as fast as one item is repaired another part falls apart - please could someone or an organisation help us with another vehicle or assist us
-Need donations to keep our cat sanctuary going
-At present, the gearbox has been taken out and we have been told that because it is so old parts cannot be found
-Other problems are white smoke coming from the back - this we have been told is that it needs an overhaul, brakes, carburettor, petrol leak

So we urgently need someone who is able to donate or help finance another gearbox/or vehicle.

This is an urgent appeal to everybody who loves cats.

Please can you help us.

Contact Toni on 071 361 1488 or Steve on 087 462 8176.
Bank details ABSA A/C No 926247023

Company name : Feral Cat Feeding Scheme
Contact name : Steve or Toni
Telephone number : 0784628176
Email address :
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