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[Photos from the ed-at-large] Jacobs Coffee pop-up store warms Johannesburg
The Jacobs Board Game Cafe in Johannesburg, which launched on 24 May 2012, is a temporary pop-up store situated in Parkhurst off 4th Avenue. The objective is to provide a warm atmosphere and a trendy spot for people to connect with each other over a cup of coffee and board games....
6 Jun 2012 10:41
Generation Furniture De Padova Launch
Renowned high-end furniture store Generations Furniture announced that internationally acclaimed Italian furniture brand "De Padova" will be now available in South Africa exclusively through their Hyde Park store.
4 Jun 2012 16:57
Don't chicken out of the Loeries
Nando's is planning a stir at this year's Loeries by singling out some of the movers and shakers in the ad world to get the old rivalry and gees going.
30 Sep 2010 13:05
Join the protest against bad activations
ComutaNet's message was simple: we focus on the audience and their needs.
16 Sep 2010 10:05
SA receives first D&AD Black Pencil award
LONDON, UK: Last night, Thursday, 3 June 2010, South Africa took home its first D&AD Black Pencil, in Graphic Design, for TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg's Trillion Dollar campaign that turned money into a medium to promote exiled newspaper The Zimbabwean. SA Promo Magazine was there on behalf of Bizcommunity.com....
4 Jun 2010 12:02
Apex Awards 2010
The Apex Awards promote greater accountability in the industry by rewarding campaigns that work, sell and resonate in the minds of their target audiences.
28 May 2010 10:44
Tractor and Coca Cola launch bus campaign
Tractor Outdoor in association with Media Shop Johannesburg and Coca Cola South Africa have unleashed the largest bus campaign to date across the Cape Town CBD.
12 Apr 2010 14:16
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