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Throwback to the third Nation Brand Forum
Brand South Africa's fourth annual Nation Brand Forum is around the corner. To help ease suspense and excitement for the upcoming event, have a look at last year's successful event below:.
1 Oct 2019 15:13
White Walker by Johnnie Walker launch
Johnnie Walker South Africa, in collaboration with HBO® and Game of Thrones, officially launched the new limited edition White Walker by Johnnie Walker at Shepstone Gardens, Johannesburg on 10 April 2019.
11 Apr 2019 11:02
A peek into the fifth annual eCommerce Africa conference
The fifth annual eCommerce Africa conference took place at the CTICC from 19-20 March 2019. It got underway with a keynote session by the founder of BrandLove, Chantel Botha. Founder of the Billybo Group, Mike Joubert, delivered a talk titled 'Why your story matters', highlighting the importance of brand storytelling. Below are some images of the event....
22 Mar 2019 11:03
Big brands marketed for different purposes recently published a piece that illustrates big brands entering the market for different purposes. Check out the illustrations below.
10 Jul 2018 12:07
Young Guns' event
This year, Wine Cellar Fine Wine Merchants & Cellarers has once again identified SA's hottest young winemaking talent breaking the rules and pushing the limits at the annual "Young Guns's" event.
22 Jun 2017 10:28
Tru-Cape welcomes visitors to orchard open day
Tru-Cape held a heritage orchard open day at the Oak Valley Estate in Grabouw. On 4 February 2017, Tru-Cape showcased ancient apple and pear varieties to members of the public for guided walkabouts.
8 Feb 2017 10:44
APEX Awards 2016 - Nedbank Savvy
A Sustain Silver APEX award went to Joe Public United for client Nedbank. Over the last four years, it can be said that Nedbank steadily, quietly and sustainably grew its retail franchise in the middle market in the face of fierce competition. The banking space has been profoundly impacted by the competitive dynamics driven by namely, the success of Capitec as a business, as well as the relative success of FNB, fueled by a strong innovation drive; these seem to stand out in the category. These business dynamics were arguably supported by aggressive communication strategies, although in both these cases the effect of product innovation and business dynamics would be hard to ignore....
8 Jul 2016 13:16
APEX Awards 2016 - iliadin® "Man Flu"
A Change Silver APEX award went to Joe Public Ignite For Merck Iliad. In 2014, iliadin®, the biggest brand in the Merck Consumer Healthcare portfolio began to lose market share. This strong and healthy brand momentarily let its immune system weaken, giving the competition the opportunity to spread through the market and contaminate our share.
8 Jul 2016 13:06
APEX Awards 2016 - "Africa is Absolut"
A Change Silver APEX award went to NATIVE for its Absolut Vodka campaign for Pernod Ricard. Absolut Vodka is a well-recognised global icon, but its global success has not always been mirrored in South Africa. In recent years the brand has under come under threat from the proliferation of newer, flashier premium vodka brands, and it has lost market share as well as brand relevance. It became clear that a strategic intervention was required in order to restore the Absolut brand's relevance and status as the global icon it once was. NATIVE VML and Pernod Ricard teamed up to implement a truly integrated campaign for the brand, which would rock the premium vodka category. As a result, "Africa is Absolut" was created....
8 Jul 2016 13:01
APEX Awards 2016 - The Better Gift Challenge
The Millward Brown award for a campaign with limited funds went to DDB South Africa for the SA National Blood Service. The demand for blood is fairly consistent throughout the year. However, the supply of blood drops over the holidays - particularly over the Festive Season where the amount of blood donated falls by approximately 11% each year, essentially putting those lives in need of blood transfusions in serious jeopardy. Our job was clear: develop a campaign that would negate this traditional 11% drop in blood donations, while simultaneously build brand affinity and drive engagement. We took a non-traditional approach to solve the traditional problem....
8 Jul 2016 12:56
APEX Awards 2016 - Savanna Premium Cider Redefining Normal
A Change Bronze APEX award went to FCB Cape Town for Savanna. Launched in 1996, Savanna set out to be the category maverick. Everything about the brand was highly unusual. Its highly differentiated packaging and communication at the time propelled the brand to success. But after many years of serving up memorable one-liners, Savanna's communication was becoming a little predictable. Its packaging too was in need of a bit of a make-over. It was time to mix things up. Savanna together with FCB Africa embarked on an ambitious project to make Savanna the apple of everyone's eye again....
8 Jul 2016 12:53
Clarion partners with Burger King
The Clarion Group has partnered with the new Burger King store in Cresta Shopping Centre situated in Johannesburg.
30 Jun 2016 17:30
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