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Application Design for Mobile?

How to do it? 1 Jun 2011

Targetted Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising, How big is it in S.A? 18 Aug 2008

iPhone to be launched in SA in the next few weeks?

The much-anticipated Apple iPhone appears to be set for its SA launch within the next few weeks 11 Aug 2008

Buying National cellphone databasis

Can anyone assist in where to buy national databasis for direct marketing? 20 Jun 2008

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South Africa mobile phone penetration 83%

Techcrunchies reports that the mobile phone penetration in South Africa is as high as 83%. Do you think its true? 28 May 2008

Why do the Mobile Networks Rip everyone off!

Let's Stop the Networks from illegal business practices! 27 May 2008

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Clips with Darren Simpson

I watched clips on tuesday night, the clips were very funny but the presenter Darren Simpson was not at all, he actually made the programme get very dull, evertime it came back to him I wanted to change channels. Now I know he is a meant to be a comedian and all, but as far as presenting goes, get a professional, cos he is niether funny in this, nor good at presenting. 1 May 2008

If I deleted an SMS, Can I get a copy back from Vodacom?

Hi All, could someone advise on the above. I have sent SMS in December 2007, and want a copy/copies of what I sent as I have deleted them. Can I get it back?!? 13 Jan 2008

Is MTN a crap network?

Why are MTN sms delayed? I'm an MTN contract and prepaid subscriber and have been for as long as I can remember, however, i noticed about six months ago that sms' are delayed, intended recipients call or respond about 2hr to a day late. it's not all sms' that are delayed, sometimes i'm lucky and the reciepient will get it immediately but i have gripes with the fact that the network is getting away with this. i've tried contacting their contact centre but usually i'm on hold for about 20 minutes before anyone answers my call. is it just me or do all MTN subscribers - contract and prepaid experience this? i've tried both Vodacom and Cell C but their service is appalling to say the least. Maybe i should pay Mr. Branson a visit. 11 Oct 2007

Is MTN a crap network?

Why are MTN sms delayed? 5 Oct 2007

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Bad case of Yebo Feva

The Feva will find you this Summer. Beware! 14 Dec 2006

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