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Where to go from here?

which school Is a good school to study copywriting? 13 Oct 2011

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Will advertising a restaurant on a billboard make financial sense ?

Looking at cost-effective ways to advertise a restaurant. Hence the question - is a billboard cost-effective? 4 Oct 2011

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Till roll advertising

Advertising on the back of till rolls. 22 Mar 2011

South Africans are far behind

South Africans are far behind when it comes to technology 17 Feb 2011

Middleman for Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Need help on which companies render services to sell your ad space on billboards. 5 Feb 2011

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Gender based advertising

Product advertising gender biased? 28 Apr 2010

determine if an award winning advertisement communicates understandable brand messages

Are there any award winning ads that send good bramd messages? 26 Mar 2010

Nedbank's Billboard Ad

Does anyone know what the Nedbank billboard ad "A bank isn't a bank isn't a bank" actually mean? 29 Jan 2009

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Comedy Teazers billboard

Spoofed Teazers billboard gets edgier 16 Oct 2008

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The great outdoors

Setting up billboards 3 Sep 2008

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It's bugging me...

All those TV and Billboard ADs where one can win anything from a new kitchen to a 'rare' Tanzasnite,all one has to do is sms to enter and pay anthing between R2.50 to R30 for the sms. 25 Mar 2008

The need for an outdoor (OOH) media buyer?


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How to strart an outdoor communications business

How difficult is it to start your own outdoor communications organisation. 3 Jan 2008

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...I told someone!

The complexity of ads today is a double-edged sword when it comes to what the consumer responds to best. 15 Feb 2005

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Sleazers Campaign

I don't consider myself a prude, but I find the Teazers billboards, depicting scantily clad women in suggestive poses, very distasteful and demeaning to women. 10 Jan 2005

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