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Why do media buyers/strategists and PR & marketing agencies ignore community media??

Media buyers and PR and marketing agencies seem to ignore community media (TV, radio, Print), even though SAARF stats proves success. 6 Sep 2011

Help!!! JBCCR needs your assistance!!!

Our studio was broken into and our equipment stolen!! 20 May 2011

Internships in broadcast media

I'm looking for an internship in broadcast. 4 May 2011

SA FM changes

Im so happy that Ceaser is gone on SAfm 19 Apr 2011

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Hottest Female DJs on SA Radio

Give us your list of HOT female radio jocks in SA. 5 Apr 2011

Oskido is leaving Yona ke Yona for Metro FM

Oskido confirmed this morning on Mo'Flava's show that he is leaving the station after 14 years. 25 Mar 2011

Ian Ward still number one on Sundays

Ian Ward still makes Sunday radio in Cape Town great. 12 Sep 2010

Engaging the media on the media appeals tribunal matter

As an ordinary citizen (not a media person, nor a high-ranking ANC member) I would like to engage the editor [and the media] on the media appeals tribunal matter, seeing as the editorial [on], for two releases, has gone on about the negative impact this proposed tribunal will have on media freedom. 3 Aug 2010

Government bias media

I read comments and reports from the commercial media and its "credible" senior editors, but cannot help but notice the panic about the new competition which promises to advocate for positive South Africa. 2 Aug 2010

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SA Radio needs to catch a wake-up!

The TSL is dropping and they won't know what hit them. 14 Jul 2010

The management of Umhlobo Wenene must decide to bring back KCi!!!

A SHOW IN THE RADIO DEPENDS TO THE PRESNTER HOW SHE/ HE SPEAKS TO LISTENERS.So Kci was the one who is innovative,who listiners close to the radio. 20 May 2010

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Writer In Need

Need Some Help 6 Apr 2010

This is it y'all. Radio Evolution is here again!!!!

Tumultuous times, a few more days and we uncover the new face of radio in Mzantsi. 28 Mar 2010

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Freelance journalists - please help!

I need some information about freelancing during the recession please. 9 Mar 2010

Sub Editor's Test

Please advise how I could obtain a copy of the standard sub editor's test for my personal use? 24 Feb 2010

this is it

will maseko nd madala bounce back on motsweding 19 Feb 2010

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Radio Changes 2010

Who should stay and who should go ? 16 Feb 2010

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Top 10 Radio personalities

List your Top 10 radio dj's 15 Feb 2010

2010 Radio Scene

What changes do you anticipate? 27 Jan 2010

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Heart FM breaks coloured voice?

Die Son newspaper in cape town leads with a story claiming that the voice of coloured people is being silenced following the sacking of a few coloured jocks 25 Jan 2010

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Motsweding Fm VS North West Fm

Who is winning the hearts and minds in the province. 18 Jan 2010

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Is Gavin Meiring at Heart FM for real?

Gaving Meiring defends Phat Joe calling a listener a slut 14 Dec 2009

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Imagine radio in South Africa in 2010 if there wasn`t a World Cup

FIFA 2010 World Cup is on everyone lips and South African radio is part of the bandwagon. What would radio programmers have to do in 2010 to make radio better? 5 Dec 2009

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2009 A bad year for South African Radio

Across the globe recession hit forcing major radio stations to relook at the products and positioning creating a highly competitive industry. Not so in South Africa 23 Nov 2009

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Capricorn fm in gauteng

Is there a room for capricorn fm in Gauteng 22 Oct 2009

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Bigger is better- Metrofm in the lowveld

The extension of Metro fm's coverage in the lowveld parts of SA has been long overdue. 19 Oct 2009

Kaya FM Breakfast

Who should be the new presenter? 15 Oct 2009

talent in CT

What is happening to what was once a fine broadcasting institution? 9 Oct 2009

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