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Why do media buyers/strategists and PR & marketing agencies ignore community media??

Media buyers and PR and marketing agencies seem to ignore community media (TV, radio, Print), even though SAARF stats proves success. 6 Sep 2011

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Looking for advertising agency that does bookings with various airline inflight magazines

Do anyone know of a specific agency in South Africa that can book ads in inflight magazines at various airlines? 20 Jul 2011

Which agencies has these account? SAA, Mango, Kulula, 1Time

I want to know the media agencies for the local airline industry. 26 May 2011

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Freelance Writing & A Conflict of Interests

What constitutes a conflict of interests when you're freelancing? 13 Dec 2010

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magazine sales and advertising

I started a small business magazine that will be distributed at 54 small business centres nation wide. 29 Sep 2010

Product mentions in magazines

How does one go about getting products or services mentioned in magazines? 18 Aug 2010

Engaging the media on the media appeals tribunal matter

As an ordinary citizen (not a media person, nor a high-ranking ANC member) I would like to engage the editor [and the media] on the media appeals tribunal matter, seeing as the editorial [on], for two releases, has gone on about the negative impact this proposed tribunal will have on media freedom. 3 Aug 2010

Government bias media

I read comments and reports from the commercial media and its "credible" senior editors, but cannot help but notice the panic about the new competition which promises to advocate for positive South Africa. 2 Aug 2010

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How to be a Freelance Writer

How to set yourself up as a freelancer 28 May 2010

National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

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Freelance journalists - please help!

I need some information about freelancing during the recession please. 9 Mar 2010

Sub Editor's Test

Please advise how I could obtain a copy of the standard sub editor's test for my personal use? 24 Feb 2010

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What do you need to study to become a publisher?

What does publishing entail and what sort of studying is required. 7 Jan 2010

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Fashion Merchandise

Organising merchandise for fashion/lifestyle pages. 26 Nov 2009

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Notorius sa magazine

what happened to the mag? is it still in production? 4 Nov 2009

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Any Tips On Freelancing?

The search for good advice. 6 Oct 2009

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Marketing a new magazine for women

Does anybody know a company that can do a good job in marketing and promoting our magazine? 27 Aug 2009

Who gets invited at a magazine launch party?

Please help. We have done everything and about to start marketing the magzine and organizing the launch. Just wondering who are the best people to invite. 27 Aug 2009

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Publisher's Network

Anyone know of a formal or informal publisher's (in particular magazine publishers) network? Not associatios such as MPASA which excluded non ABC members. Thank You 12 Aug 2009

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My parteners and I are looking into publishing a magazine, but we've got no hands on experience.... Amongst other things we've read from books, internet research... I'd like to know; when it comes to big brands who use advertising agencies, who do you get in contact with to sell ad space. Is it the brand manager or the media buyer at the agency? 16 Jul 2009

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Customer Titles -- competitions to enter

What is out there??? 21 May 2009

Magazine editor salary range

Hi. What salary can you look at as magazine editor in SA with Honours Degree in Communication? 5 May 2009

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magazine editor and art direction

is editor also expert on design and layout 23 Feb 2009

Calling all subeditors

Need a place where you can vent, discuss grammar and post the latest pic of a homeless apostrophe? 23 Feb 2009

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Magazine editing masterclass

For everyone who wants to know how to edit a magazine, properly. 10 Feb 2009

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How do I submit a freelance query letter?

Is it still considered bad taste to e-mail a query letter, and include the submission? 3 Feb 2009

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Why are freelance journalists treated shabbily?

Some media houses (publications) have a habit of treating freelance writers as though they are beggars. When commissioned to do an article they you give a deadline, which as we all know is cast in stone. Yet when it comes to paying up, they keep procrastinating and bombard you with a mountain of excuses. Is this fair? 30 Jan 2009

What do you think of online magazines?

Since we are cutting costs and everything is moving online ... what are your views about online magazines? 20 Jan 2009

Y mag

What has happened to the Mag? What is happening to the Y Brand, some serious intervention is needed here. When Dirk Hartford was in charge Y was on its way to becoming a super premium Brand now... 19 Jan 2009

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