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Which social media monitoring tool to use??

Any advice on a good monitoring programme? 12 Jul 2011

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I need new CRM Software! Any Suggestions???

We are looking at implementing new CRM Software at our company and I'm on the prowl. Anyone using anything at the moment that's small-to-medium enterprize focussed or know of anything that will possibly do the trick? 5 May 2011

Are FNB shooting themselves in the foot with Fuel Rewards?

There are going to be a lot of disappointed people who think that they may qualify for 15% off on their fuel purchases. 23 Mar 2011

Is rudeness and arrogance the price of an advert?

Why are some clients so appallingly nasty, when they don't get their own way and even when they do, there seems to be a real malice in the market these days? 30 Apr 2010

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new milo cereal: false advertising

has any 1 of you tryed the new milo cereal that nestle , has brought out? i have and im not at ll satisfied with the product , that i have decided to take a stand up against nestle with a few friends backing me. 18 Jul 2009

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Are airlines delivering value and are airports loosing the plot?

Everytime I travel, I feel that the experience gets worse and that airports are treating us like crap 21 May 2008

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IMM is just as Inefficient as our South African Govenment. 7 May 2008

One of its kind

Client Service Worshop - Understanding the Role of Client Service in an Ad Agency 17 Apr 2008

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Poor Service

Do Salesmen go through special training to master the art of being patronizing and condescending? 7 Mar 2008

View comments (4) - can't hear its customers above the laughter is having so much fun they just can't hear what their clients are saying. 13 Jan 2008

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over-designed websites

Do companies realise how annoying it is to have to wait for the pretty pictures to finish floating by on their websites? I'm on your site because I want to know what YOU can do, not what your web designer can do. 8 Jan 2008

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Telkom? No, Hellcom!

We are a communications agency based in JHB and every Monday we arrive at work to find that we can't receive email or connect to the internet. 25 Jul 2007

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I hate Virgin Mobile!!

for all the ppl who have gotten ineffectual service from Virgin mobile... 23 Jul 2007

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CRM in Recruitment Services Companies

How does CRM affect Recruitment Companies? 25 Jun 2007

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Nashua Mobile

Has anyone else recieved Bad service from Nashua Mobile Service Provider 21 Jun 2007

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Loyalty Programs

Can anyone help with locating a company that specialises in developing and maintaining loyalty programs? 14 Jun 2007

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Multichoice - do any humans work there?

Customer call line a dead end if you have an account query. 29 May 2007

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Is there a difference between a Customer Management Cycle and Customer Relationship Management and could you please provide some insight into the key differences? 28 Mar 2007

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Poor support for Regional Call Centre Awards

If the country's President has singled out higher economic growth as a strategic priority and the contact centre industry has been identified as key to achieving this, then why is interest in recent industry events lacking? 1 Aug 2005

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Loerie CRM froth

Scanning the categories for the new, improved and sunblocked Loeries, we notice that CRM has been dropped from the entry list. What remains are those cobweb encrusted Direct Mail ads and junk mailings over which the judges will no doubt mainfully remain awake while assessing which Outsurance offer out-pulled another. Shame on them. 1 Jun 2005

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