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Companies that dont honour Recruitment Payments

Is there a website/organization where publishing companies can be reported to for non payment of recruitment fees? 8 Nov 2011

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To all those job-seekers out there

Reflections from a would-be employer 6 Jul 2011

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SEM Starting Salaries

Hi guys Can anybody advise on what the starting salary range is for a Search Engine Marketer (SEO/PPC) who has a relevant online marketing qualification in Gauteng? Even a Social Media Marketer if you have an idea. 21 Jun 2011

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I would like clarity on the Meaning of an "AFRICAN BLACK LANGUAGE". Particularly used by Recruitment Agencies I find it derogatory and racist. 3 Jun 2011

Internships in broadcast media

I'm looking for an internship in broadcast. 4 May 2011

How does one become an account executive?

how does a recent graduate, who does not have experience and connections in the industry but has a lot of passion for advertising become an account executive? 13 Jan 2011

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Copywriter Salaries

What does the average middle weight copywriter earn 3 Nov 2010

What ever happened to people seeing potential

What ever happened to peopl e recognising potential in creatives? 14 Sep 2010

Recruitment Career

Getting into recruitment? 3 Aug 2010

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Un-Ethical Durban Based Recruitment Agencies

Durban base agencies don't have common courtesy , neither do have any empathy to job hunters/applicants 30 Jul 2010

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Playing The Race Card When Recruitment Ads Excludes One's Candidacy

Inspired by a May topic posted by Tsokolo whom finds it racist that the "own transport essential" requirement would be used in advertisement 17 Jun 2010

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Why do I need a car to do my job

It seems that having a car could be a subtle racial descriminator in the hiring process 11 May 2010

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Writer In Need

Need Some Help 6 Apr 2010

Sub Editor's Test

Please advise how I could obtain a copy of the standard sub editor's test for my personal use? 24 Feb 2010

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How to get a job in the media industry? 29 Oct 2009

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Presenting Auditions

Looking for advise on the upcoming auditions... 13 Oct 2009

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marketing careers and interns for graduates

where to find that needed experience 1 Apr 2009

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Legal Rights?

I worked for a company for 3 months, they had to retrench me due to finances, they are now offering the same job, a few months later. 27 Mar 2009

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Allowed or not?

Came across this job ad on this website and was just curious as to whether the size and attractive preference mentioned is allowed when advertising a position? 16 Feb 2009

What comes first - freelance or newspaper/magazine work to start off a career?

With freelancing as the long term goal, do I have to start my career at a newspaper or get straight into it? 24 Nov 2008

World recession affecting TV industry

Is the current economic crisis affecting our local television industry? 21 Nov 2008

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Freelance Marketers/Reps

Is there a company/organisations where freelance sales reps/marketing agents can be found? 19 Nov 2008

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Drug Testing in Companies

I'm just curious to know if anyone has been forced to sign a alcohol and drug test consent form .. 18 Nov 2008



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Legal advice on starting a recruitment agency

How to start a recruitment agency, legal advice needed 7 Nov 2008

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