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Why do media buyers/strategists and PR & marketing agencies ignore community media??

Media buyers and PR and marketing agencies seem to ignore community media (TV, radio, Print), even though SAARF stats proves success. 6 Sep 2011

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Which social media monitoring tool to use??

Any advice on a good monitoring programme? 12 Jul 2011

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PR hourly rates

What is considered acceptable when it comes to hourly rates from a PR perspective? 19 May 2011

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Consultants or firms to promote a restaurant

Are there any consultants or companies that specialise in marketing / promoting a restaurant ? 28 Jan 2011

What is Max Clifford Doing?

He calls him self a publicist but all he is doing is taking every opportunity to wipe South Africa's name through the mud! 13 Dec 2010

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I want to Freelance in PR and Marketing...where do I start?

I have recently started my business and want to Freelance whilst my business is finding it's feet...If anyone can give me hints I would be so delighted:-) 4 Aug 2010

Jabulani - Opens the debate around naming/branding of things/objects and Celebrity Endorsements

Impact of Jabulani on the total 2010 World Cup image, reputation and perceptions about South Africa... 24 Jun 2010

How do we change perceptions about Brand South Africa?

How Brand South Africa can use 2010 World Cup to Change Perceptions about the Brand 6 May 2010

PR in NGOs

I am a newly graduate with an Honours Degree in PR 21 Oct 2009

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Marketing a new magazine for women

Does anybody know a company that can do a good job in marketing and promoting our magazine? 27 Aug 2009

Who gets invited at a magazine launch party?

Please help. We have done everything and about to start marketing the magzine and organizing the launch. Just wondering who are the best people to invite. 27 Aug 2009

Do you ask for a set of questions if you want to prepapre for a radio interview?

I recently secured a few radio interviews for our company on this campaign we are running. 31 Jul 2009

Good riddance on SABC's Khanyi Mkhonza

I think the SABC or rather Minister of Communications is starting on a right pace. First, the removal of chairwoman, Khanyi Mkhonza is a step in the right direction. 5 Jun 2009

Journalists turned PR practitioners fail the industry

Stop hiring journalists as PR officers because most of them fail to perform. 26 Nov 2008

Kora Music Award?

I am looking for the Agency who handles the Kora Music Awards. 19 Oct 2008

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Some advice needed

I am currently employed as a Communications Consultant and am engaged in the 3rd year of my Communication Science degree.During this time I would also like to complete a few short courses that could contribute to making me more marketable. 5 Oct 2008

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PR freelance fees?

What do freelance PR consultants charge for doing a small to medium size project? What's the standard hourly rate? 30 Sep 2008

What is the market related salary for Communications Specialists?

I'd like to know what the market related salary is for a Communications Specialist, with about 5 years technical experience in Cape Town, with relevant qualifications. And what extra can one expect, should you have a subordinate reporting to you? This is for a corporate position. 22 Sep 2008

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Communications practitioners

Is it me or are there just too many of us out there leading to a decline in demand perhaps? 22 Aug 2008

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Corporate Communications

Please help me with institutions that offer Corporate communications. 5 Aug 2008

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Anyone can write? Right? Wrong!

Why is it that some people think that writing is simple? It's a craft, dammit! 18 Jul 2008

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SABMiller absent in wake of xenophobia damage.

SABMiller has made mega money from shebeens, where are they to help victims? 9 Jun 2008

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PR agencies in SA

Working for a PR agency was and is the worst experience imaginable. 20 May 2008

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Writing Course

Does anyone know of a place offering short courses on writing skills? 9 May 2008

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...fellow black people

We all cry for equal rights, equal opportunity, equal this & equal that we deserve it? 1 May 2008

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Is the PR industry unfair to the poor?

Perception wise, the non-negotiable conditions for one to enter the PR industry as an intern are generally a car, drivers'license and/or a good contacts base rather than competence, qualification, good academic record and necessary skills. 19 Apr 2008

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Does PR agency environement suck or NOT?

Working for a PR agency was and is the worst experience imaginable. 15 Apr 2008

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