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South African stats on social media useage

We're very limited with the statistics available on social media useage in South Africa. 10 Sep 2012

Has South African marketing become too traditional and insipid?

In example, Nandos has recently launched a new commercial, which have been banned because of "race issues" - but in my views, this is where Nandos marketing is particularly successful - they test boundaries. 7 Jun 2012

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Where to go from here?

which school Is a good school to study copywriting? 13 Oct 2011

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Which social media monitoring tool to use??

Any advice on a good monitoring programme? 12 Jul 2011

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SEM Starting Salaries

Hi guys Can anybody advise on what the starting salary range is for a Search Engine Marketer (SEO/PPC) who has a relevant online marketing qualification in Gauteng? Even a Social Media Marketer if you have an idea. 21 Jun 2011

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Application Design for Mobile?

How to do it? 1 Jun 2011

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Google Ad's

I would like opinions on the effectiveness of Google ads, with regards to promoting an e-commerce business. 13 May 2011

South Africans are far behind

South Africans are far behind when it comes to technology 17 Feb 2011

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Consultants or firms to promote a restaurant

Are there any consultants or companies that specialise in marketing / promoting a restaurant ? 28 Jan 2011

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SEO training

With online SEO training available, where in the world to start? 23 Sep 2010

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e-marketing courses

Can anyone suggest a worthwhile e-marketing course that goes beyond the ordinary sending emails and search engine optimisation and deals more with strategy and creativity in e-marketing? 19 Feb 2010

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Is it just me, or are all on line casino ads crap?

If it is not Doff Lungren, it is a topless chic, it is some other inane piece of rubbish. And all of them are spending big money, but producing what I consider to be nonsensical communication. Does any of it actually work? And who is gambling on line? 17 Nov 2009

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Merchant product for online payments

What options are available to ecommerce sites, other than PayPal, to facilitate online payments from local (primary) and international (secondary) shoppers? 11 Nov 2009

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The future of SA sites

Is the future of South African websites large mass media sites or niche portals? 17 Mar 2009

What do you think of online magazines?

Since we are cutting costs and everything is moving online ... what are your views about online magazines? 20 Jan 2009

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What am I doing wrong?

What is wrong with this website? 25 Jul 2008

Youtube - Is anyone else battling to view videos?

"we're sorry this video is no longer available" 21 Jul 2008

Internet advertising

What are the pro's and cons???? 14 Jul 2008

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Flash for High Quality TV Production

Using Flash to produce TV commercials, mainly for Retail Advertising, but not restricted to as it's pretty flexible up to a point.Although it's very possible and at a huge reduction in production costs, the benefits are for the Clients and I suppose the production companies are keeping mum about it as it would bite into their charges for production.Just wondered if there are any TV Production people out there willing to use it? 8 Jun 2008

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Shocking Reebok Ad

Where are our standards??? 27 May 2008

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Clips with Darren Simpson

I watched clips on tuesday night, the clips were very funny but the presenter Darren Simpson was not at all, he actually made the programme get very dull, evertime it came back to him I wanted to change channels. Now I know he is a meant to be a comedian and all, but as far as presenting goes, get a professional, cos he is niether funny in this, nor good at presenting. 5 May 2008

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BuzzTemple anyone?

Some kind of a new PR firm for social media 4 Apr 2008

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South African digital video or video editing forums

Are there any decent South African Digital Video or video editing forums out there? 4 Apr 2008

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Websites with live video chat

Do you think a website with a live video chat program would improve your direct marketing strategy? 2 Apr 2008

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Internet communication

Writting a report on how generations of the past and present are using internet acess. My question is, how do you think communication has been affected ever since we got internet? 19 Feb 2008

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over-designed websites

Do companies realise how annoying it is to have to wait for the pretty pictures to finish floating by on their websites? I'm on your site because I want to know what YOU can do, not what your web designer can do. 8 Jan 2008

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The New 5fm website?

Has anyone seen the new 5fm website? I think it's an awesome design, well done guys. 1 Jan 2008

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Internet Marketing Forum

An open discussion forum on all aspects of internet marketing including search engine optimisation methods, affiliate marketing and pay per click (PPC) campaigns. 23 May 2007

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Communications indaba

Computer Literacy growth rate is dependant on the prepaid sector. 10 Jan 2005

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