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Clients asking for their deposit back

If not specified in the T&C's, how long does a client have to claim some of their deposit back if they cancel a job? 7 Sep 2012

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Senior Graphic Designer - where to from here?

After 8 years in the industry the comfort zone is starting to get boring... What's the next best career step? 3 May 2012

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Where to go from here?

which school Is a good school to study copywriting? 13 Oct 2011

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Don't Tell Them - Show Them

I made some time this morning to read through a few blogs and forums on "creativity". 14 Jun 2011

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I'm looking for creatives to share my studio in Muizenberg, CPT. Any ideas?

Know any creative/freelancers looking for a desk/office to rent? 23 May 2011

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Archiving / Backup of Design/Video work

I'm wondering how other agencies handle archiving of their work 22 May 2011

In defense of Coca-Cola Guy @ Design Indaba

After all the hate I'd like to stand up for David Butler's talk at this year's Design Indaba. 7 Mar 2011

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Web design - what software to use?

Any help on choosing software to use for web design - as well as training in the software? 8 Oct 2010


Come Get Your Prize!!!! 19 Feb 2010

Time Keeping

We are a small design agency... and we continually butt heads over the best way to do timesheets! Anyone have any good ideas for us please? 7 Dec 2009

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What's wrong with SA design?

Not so long ago Woolworths tasked London-based Pearlfisher with the redesign of its entire range of packaging spanning over 4000 products. 26 Nov 2009

Eco design & art

How is the arts, creative education, marketing and creative industry responding and contributing to the global crisis of global warming? 31 Oct 2009

design bursaries

 13 Aug 2009

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Efficiency in Design Applications

Are there efficiency tests out there for a designer's knowledge on applications, specifically Creative Suite? 29 Jul 2009

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Boring old Admin/ Creative and Fun Communication/ Branding

Stay in the Admin field or take the adventurous route of a career elsewhere. 8 Jun 2009

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Can anyone tell me about salaries at design agencies?!

How much might a junior designer expect to be paid at King James RSVP and at Black Branding, including or excluding benefits? 5 May 2009

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Legal Rights?

I worked for a company for 3 months, they had to retrench me due to finances, they are now offering the same job, a few months later. 27 Mar 2009

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Any part-time Interior design course?

I would like to confirm whether there are any part-time courses offered in Interior Design? 16 Mar 2009

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Which CT ad/design school do you recommend?

What school in Cape Town would your recommend and why? Red and Yellow/ Vega/ AAA or any other? 14 Mar 2009

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maya part time course

Do I change careers 9 Mar 2009

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Graphic Design career advise in tough times

Where to from here with my passion for design 25 Feb 2009

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magazine editor and art direction

is editor also expert on design and layout 23 Feb 2009

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Design Bursary

Design/Fashion Design bursary 11 Nov 2008

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The Gauteng Creative Directors Club

I need members, particularly the entrepreneurs (creative directors/graphic designers) around the Gauteng Province to join in a club that will unite and diversify as well as create a long term networking platform for BEE creatives in GAUTENG as a whole. 23 Oct 2008

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Own design company

I just heard I am going to lose my job & am thinking about starting my own company. How do i go about it? 7 Oct 2008

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