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Euronews Campus growing recognition at renowned European universities

LYON, FRANCE: The Euronews programme for students is now reaching 15 prestigious educational institutions around the world.
Lyon, France - Euronews is based in the city. (Image: Lyon Tourist Office and Convention Bureau)
Lyon, France - Euronews is based in the city. (Image: Lyon Tourist Office and Convention Bureau)

Cambridge, Sciences Po, the University of Munich and the College of Europe have joined the Euronews Campus network, which already include the universities of Cairo, Istanbul, Auckland, ENA in France and the Foreign Service Institute of the US Department of State in Washington D.C.*.

These high-level institutions have selected the leading news group in Europe to enrich their courses, and some of them also broadcast Euronews on their campuses.

At present 320,000 students around the world are in contact with Euronews as part of their studies, and benefit from the international news channel's wide array of content and languages.

New partners for Euronews Campus
University of Cambridge International Examinations, United Kingdom
The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), which is part of the University of Cambridge, is one of the most important institutions in the world for international education for students from 5 to 19 years of age. The CIE operates in 160 countries with primary schools, middle schools and universities. The university uses Euronews magazines and reports in English as course materials and for online examinations.
The Institute of Political Studies (IEP) of Paris, France
The 12,000 students in Social Sciences and International Relations at this major French school use multiple Euronews programmes produced by the 13 editorial departments of Euronews. Thanks to its research and high-quality classes, Sciences Po is a globally competitive institution of higher education.
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
Founded in 1472, the University is recognised as one of the most important academic and research centres in Europe. For the 4,200 students in its Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Munich uses the programmes of Euronews in German and English.
College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium
Created in 1949 during the Hague Conference, in the wake of the Second World War, the College of Europe is an elite institution and a training centre for the 420 students who specialize in European Affairs. The College of Europe integrates Euronews programmes in 13 languages into its coursework. Euronews is also broadcast live on the campus.

The prestigious American Harvard Business School, recently used the Euronews Business Planet programme for in-class case studies.

* 15 schools participate in Euronews Campus:
Belgium: College of Europe, IHECS, Vesalius College Brussels
Cyprus: Cyprus Institute of Technology
Egypt: Future University Egypt
Germany: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich
France: ENA - National School of Administration, Sciences Po (France), EM Lyon
New Zealand: University of Auckland
Turkey: University of Marmara Istanbul United States: Foreign Service Institute, US Department of State, Washington D.C.
(France), University of Lille 3
United Kingdom: Cambridge International Examinations University

About Euronews

Claimed to be Europe's most-watched news channel, Euronews provides rolling coverage of world news. Thanks to its 400 journalists from over 30 countries, the channel is available 24 hours a day in 13 language services (Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian). An independent media hub, Euronews offers a unique perspective on, and factual analysis of, current events. Founded in 1993 in Lyon, France, the channel can be watched in 420 million homes in 156 countries, and delivers a complete range of products (websites, mobile applications, smart TV, radio, etc.). In 2015, Euronews will launch Africanews, the first pan-African multilingual news channel.

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