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New sustainable packaging initiative to encourage greener logistics industry

According to a recent survey by Pargo, 90% of South African consumers prefer sustainable paper packing over plastic. The survey revealed that consumers care about preserving the environment and many companies have echoed this concern by adopting environmentally sustainable business practices.

In light of this, Pargo plans to strengthen these practices through the introduction of their newly developed eco-friendly packaging, which allows online retailers to minimise the environmental impact of last-mile deliveries and has decided to challenge the reign of single-use plastics by making the switch to eco-friendly paper packaging.
Polina Tankilevitch via Pexels

By proving that order fulfilment strategies can use paper packaging instead of plastic, the logistics company aims to set a new sustainable precedent for the industry.

"Businesses are in a privileged position to stage interventions that can bring about profound change to our habits of consumption. With Pargo’s adoption of eco-friendly paper packaging, we aim to bring about that change and stimulate conversation concerning the ecological footprint of sending and receiving parcels," says Michaela Gabriel, head of marketing at Pargo, the mastermind behind Pargo’s green switch.

Empowering environmentally friendly decisions

Developed for over a year in collaboration with South African manufacturers, Pargo’s sustainable packaging empowers retailers and consumers with the
ability to make environmentally friendly decisions regarding the last-mile leg of deliveries.

The entire range of packaging is made from ethically sourced paper and is fully biodegradable, ensuring that nothing gets left behind when it’s discarded. The range currently includes a mailing bag, C4 envelope and packaging tape.

The company's new mailing bag, which was developed in collaboration with popular packaging company Detpak, features tensile strength and flexibility. It has the same wet strength properties as the paper bags used in the cement industry.

The durability and security of the bags were tested during an extensive pilot, which allowed both consumers and retailers to share their experience of the new mailing bags.


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