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Reasons you should enrol for a workshop

We live in a rapidly changing world where new skills and knowledge are constantly required to work effectively, efficiently, and smartly. This has never been more apparent than when the pandemic drastically changed how we work; rapid changes were made to traditional workplaces, employees and employers were suddenly faced with the new challenges of remote work, and meetings and the increased workload and responsibilities made workplace training even more essential. However, the amount of time in a day remains constant, and it sometimes seems like training is too inconvenient and time-consuming.
Reasons you should enrol for a workshop

The value of training should never be underestimated as it is beneficial to both employers and the employees. Five key benefits of training include:
  1. empowering employees and boosting their confidence levels and time management skills;
  2. increasing workplace engagement;
  3. improving productivity and performance;
  4. providing opportunities for employees to learn new skills and/or enhance their skills; and
  5. improving knowledge and thus increasing the speed and efficiency of work.

One solution to the issues of inconvenience and limited time is flexible learning options such as workshops. Workshops focus on sharing knowledge; they are educational, practical, and conversational. Workshops are brief, intensive, and practical educational programmes on a specific topic or skill with a small group of people; they allow participants to share their knowledge and experiences on a set topic.

Reasons you should enrol for a workshop

Workshops are flexible in length, easily accessible, and have minimal prerequisites such as a portfolio of evidence or competency examinations. Moreover, they are both time and cost saving as workshops can be run over a shorter period, at convenient times, and focus on core aspects.

Workshops are suitable for individuals who:
  • have limited time to engage with training content,
  • want instant access to well-structured and organised learning content,
  • want to participate in their own learning,
  • want to interact with their peers and share knowledge,
  • want to develop new skills with guidance such as how to present a PowerPoint presentation or write an executive report, and
  • want to have fun while learning.

Wits Language School will offer three new workshops from 2022: each workshop focuses on specific skillsets required in all workplaces:
  1. Business writing essentials
  2. Introduction to presentation skills
  3. Fundamentals of report writing

Each workshop will run over three days and is a total of 24 hours. To keep training convenient and flexible, each workshop will run over three Saturdays, from 8 am to 4 pm, in specific months for the general public. We also offer corporate training that can run during the week from 8 am to 4 pm at either the client’s premises or at Wits Language School. This schedule allows for an individual to complete all three workshops in one year and to develop a personalised development plan for vocational training!

Enrolling for these workshops is a simple two-step process. To enrol:
  1. Complete a Wits Language School application form and email it to us and
  2. Pay the invoice we’ll send you to confirm your enrolment.

For more information about workshop content, dates, and fees, contact Wits Language School: | 011 717 4208.
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