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School's Business in Education Fund opens on JSE

Market openings at the JSE are often reserved for newly listed companies issuing their stock for public trade and in celebration of a new chapter in a company's life. However, the JSE saw it fitting to host the Business in Education Fund, initiated by St David's Marist Inanda School, as the first school to open the market.
From L-R: Nicky Newton-King, Mike Thiel, Bogosi Msutwana and Joshua Clegg
From L-R: Nicky Newton-King, Mike Thiel, Bogosi Msutwana and Joshua Clegg

The school’s education initiative is to encourage the business community of South Africa to collaborate with it in establishing a fund that will enable the school to expand its existing bursary programme, which awards young deserving scholars from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, with bursaries to attend this school of excellence. In addition, companies can benefit both the socio-economic development and skills development elements of their B-BBEE status, under the Revised Codes of Good Practice, as funds received will be ring-fenced for this purpose.

St David’s is one of hundreds of Marist Schools throughout the world, and carries a strong legacy of social responsibility and challenging the status quo. The school takes pride in its mission of being an African school, preparing boys to take their place in society as enquiring, well-balanced individuals aware of their social responsibilities to the wider community and ready to respond with compassion and justice to the realities of society. The school celebrates its 75th jubilee this year.

“The issues faced by business and society are issues that should be solved during the formative educational years. Our strategic partnerships with business are creating opportunities to grow a transformed and uplifted South Africa. Business and education share a common dialogue – our partnerships with business will bring this conversation into one space,” says Mike Thiel, executive headmaster at St David’s Marist Inanda.

“Education is a fundamental right for each citizen of the world, no matter how poor or rich. At the JSE, making an impact in the lives of those less fortunate through social development is at the heart of what makes us tick. Our contribution to initiatives that drive education and protect the environment and health is how we are making a difference in the lives of others. It is crucial for business to partner with both schools, government to ensure that our leaders of tomorrow receive the education that they deserve,” says Nicky Newton-King, CEO of the JSE.

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