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Magazines making a comeback

The competition to be included in an advertiser’s marketing plan is fierce and has become an increasing challenge for magazines. The Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa (MPASA), together with its sponsor Sappi Fine Paper, has initiated a Magazine Advocacy Programme (MAP) to leverage magazines as a media option.

Allegedly for the first time ever, the South African magazine industry is standing together and speaking with one voice to both advertisers and advertising agencies. The programme is not about promoting one specific publication, but rather to promote the magazine medium as a whole from a global perspective.

“Magazines are so close to Sappi’s heart as they represent a significant market for our local coated paper products – particularly our Triple Green offering. Our support for the industry extends across our annual sponsorship of the MPASA Sappi Pica awards, and the Magazine Advocacy Programme is a natural extension of growing the magazine industry in this country” says Greame Futter, marketing manager: brand communications of Sappi.

The Magazine Advocacy Programme was launched on 2 April 2007 in Johannesburg. International expert, Tim Lucas from White Lodge Media, a UK media consultant, kicked off with a workshop attended by 21 senior sales professionals who were nominated by their publishers. These advocates were given hands-on tools and information from an international and local perspective on how to promote the use of magazines as the preferred advertising medium.

Louise Lewis, manager of the programme, is excited about this undertaking. “It’s all about investing in intellectual property and changing paradigms. The Magazine Advocacy Programme is a major step forward.”

For more information on how to get your wink noticed, contact MPASA on +27 (0)11 721 3200 or email .

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