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Tesla announces plans for new Model Y

Elon Musk has officially announced the next model in Tesla's S3XY lineup. The forthcoming electric crossover, the Model Y, is scheduled to go into production early 2020.

Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Model Y – a manufacturing revolution

Tesla is still struggling to get its mass-market Model 3 off the production line in a timely fashion. Musk has stated that the automaker aims to end these woes with the Model Y. The deciding factor, then, will no doubt be the manufacturing process.

Musk cuts off questions about Tesla's first quarter losses

NEWSWATCH: On Wednesday's quarterly conference call with analysts, Elon Musk didn't seem too keen to talk about Tesla burning through about $1bn during the first quarter as the Model 3 sedan production struggles continue...

By Ilse van den Berg 3 May 2018

“I think the Model Y is going to be a manufacturing revolution,” Musk said, adding that the new model will be “incredible from a manufacturing standpoint.”

At the moment, Tesla just doesn’t have the space to begin assembly on a new vehicle. The Model Y will probably not be built in any of the existing factories, then, but someplace new. Musk has already stated that Tesla plans to do away with the 12-volt battery architecture currently used in the other models.

What we know about the new Tesla

In an effort to bring the car to market as soon as possible, the Model Y will be built on a similar chassis to the Model 3. We also know that the Model Y will feature Falcon Doors, like the Model X.

From statements and tweets, we know that the Model Y will be Tesla’s first compact SUV offering...

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