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New all-terrain adventure tyre

Goodyear has introduced the Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure tyre to meet the demands of the increased number of SUV/4x4 drivers wanting to enjoy both off-road and on-road driving.
Production SUVs and 4x4s have been on the rise in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) since 2012 and is expected to grow steadily in the coming years [1]. In 2016, more than 40% of new vehicles registered in South Africa were SUV/4x4s [2].
Tough and durable tyre for off-road driving.

The tyre is built with an ultra-strong, Kevlar fibre overlay which re-enforces the tread, offering the rugged strength needed to prevent punctures and cuts for a confident off-road driving experience. This feature is reinforced by the DurawallT technology, which improves resistance against punctures and cuts in the sidewall area.

The new open-shoulder blocks help to evacuate mud from the tread allowing for improved off-road traction.

The edges of the new tyre create more traction between the tyre and the road surface, ensuring the grip needed for confident braking and handling.

Goodyear engineers optimised the tread design for an even pressure distribution across the footprint. DEKRA testing results reveal that the Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure has, on average, 37% better mileage performance than tested tyres[3].

[1] Global Insights / IHS EMEA 2015. SUV / 4x4 Production and Car Park Evolution EMEA 2012 - 2022.
[2] SA Autostats 2016
[3] Driven on front and rear axle, compared to the average performance of three competitor designs in SUV/ 4x4 segment. Tested by Dekra in Dec 2016 by order of Goodyear. Test Car Toyota Hilux 2.4- 4x4, tyre size 265/65 R17 112T/S. Test location: Dekra Testing Center (FP01B), France. Report/Test ref. 16CPB34-389, Wear limit = 1.6 mm for all grooves. Front Axle, Wrangler AT/A is 49% better and on rear Axle Wrangler AT/A is 25% better than average of competition, therefore the average is 37% better than average of tested competitors.
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