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Digitisation critical to long-term growth of SA's logistics industry

According to Cassie Lessing, managing director of Strato IT Group, traditional approaches to logistics are increasingly being redefined by digitisation. "The pressures of cost and competition will continue to drive digitisation. However, there is a real opportunity for the logistics sector to become fully integrated, and therefore more responsive and resilient in order to meet the demands of today's dynamic business environment."
Image source: Gallo/Getty

By embracing digitisation and mobile business apps in particular, the result is improved planning, monitoring and control for logistics providers. "Armed with richer and more accurate business insights, companies are able to better able to evaluate their own performance, address issues quickly, and remain competitive," says Lessing.

He adds that digitisation allows for a level of responsiveness that traditional approaches do not. "With a digital solution, key business processes can be streamlined and automated, enabling logistics providers to scale their operations and manage future growth plans far more efficiently."

Many transport and logistics organisations are still struggling with a silo service approach especially when it comes to their IT systems. However, with innovation and disruption being key features of the digital age, Lessing says CIOs are seeing mobile business applications as part of their long-term growth strategies. "New technologies will continue to alter strategic, commercial and operational processes. There is little doubt that the opportunities presented by digitisation will have consequences for logistics business models."

As the sector moves to adapt, Lessing says it is important for logistics providers to consider their own clients as well as the expectations of the end customer. "Organisations that are more efficient, responsive and adaptable will have a significant advantage over those who are hesitant about embracing the inevitable change."


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