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    The Weekly Update EP:10 - The Current State of Play Inside Parliament and the GNU.

    The Weekly Update EP:10 - The Current State of Play Inside Parliament and the GNU.

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    Functional labelling for functional foods

    With anticipated global growth, from about $209bn in 2017 to $373bn in 2025, manufacturers of nutraceuticals, including functional foods and drinks, are under pressure. Pressure to extend product offerings, regulatory pressure, and pressure to manage production, packaging, and labelling needs for international distribution.
    Functional labelling for functional foods

    In South Africa, the nutraceuticals market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.60% between 2022 and 2027, primarily driven by consumer lifestyles and the increase in health awareness associated with the consumption of functional foods.

    Every vitamin, supplement, nutraceutical or functional food or beverage product needs a label, and some more than one if the product is shipped internationally. Branding is also a significant consideration in influencing consumers’ buying decisions, and labelling legislation is another major factor for manufacturers.

    Pyrotec PackMedia’s Multipage Booklet Labels are an ideal solution for this market. Here’s why:

    Clear, detailed instructions

    Because nutraceutical products may cause a health risk, they need to be correctly applied and safely used. Without compromising the quality of the label, the Multipage Booklet Label provides extensive information in various languages within the space normally used by an adhesive label.

    Safety first

    Multipage Booklet Labels are permanently secured to the product’s packaging for its entire usable life. The label can’t be lost or accidentally discarded, as can happen with a separate leaflet.

    Functional labelling for functional foods

    Special features

    These labels offer moisture resistance, high durability, and withstand extreme temperatures and storage conditions. Instructions can be printed in Braille, and anti-counterfeiting devices can be added to the label.

    Streamlined production

    By eliminating the need for separate labels for different languages, and their ability to seamlessly integrate with a manufacturer’s brand identity, they streamline production and simplify inventory management. They also don’t require changes to packaging lines because they’re supplied on-reel for quick, on-pack positioning.

    Call Pyrotec PackMedia today to discuss extended product offerings without the labelling headaches.

    Pyrotec is a proudly South African company with its focus aimed firmly on the future. Its five brands - Pyrotec PackMark, Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackLink, Pyrotec PackWorx and Pyrotec Finance - make this an industry-leading company that specialises in a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack informational and promotional devices, merchandising solutions, development and manufacturing of automated systems for the packaging and manufacturing industry and making finance options available to customers. Pyrotec's software offering ensures product integrity, optimises coding activities, and helps secure centralised data management systems and label tracking systems.
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