When the coronavirus gets tough, the tough get stockpiling
When the coronavirus gets tough, the tough get stockpiling

As the fear of the coronavirus spreads, consumers have been flocking to stores to stockpile emergency supplies, resulting in empty shelves as retailers can't keep up with demand...

By Xiaodan Pan, Benny Mantin and Martin Dresner 1 day ago

Change of policy: DIY cloth masks are better than nothing
Change of policy: DIY cloth masks are better than nothing

There has been much debate globally about whether it is recommended to make use of a facemask during the Covid-19 pandemic.

22 hours ago

#LockdownAdvice: Building an opportunity matrix

The scale of the national Covid-19 lockdown is unprecedented in living memory. As entrepreneurs, we need to be making the right decisions for right now...

By Allon Raiz 18 hours ago

Introducing Play it Forward rooftop concerts: Ard Matthews gets innovative during #SALockdown

Last week, one day into the nationwide 21-day lockdown, those residing in Hout Bay may have heard the soothing strains of one Ard Matthews, of Just Jinjer fame, resounding over the neighbourhood...

By Ruth Cooper 19 hours ago

Covid-19 and competition law: clothes, coffee shops, care services & more

Businesses are facing uncertainty worldwide as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their rights and obligations have come into question, with competition authorities worldwide moving swiftly to provide clarity and guidance...

By Cara du Plessis & Tenisha Burslem-Rotheroe 20 hours ago

Spur suspends fees to help soften Covid-19 blow to franchisees

To help support its franchisees during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Spur Corporation suspended franchise fees for the second half of March and the whole of April...

20 hours ago

Queen Mary 2 leaves Durban after 6 SA crew disembark

The ship had been positioned outside the port since 27 March 2020, after requesting clearance to berth to receive bunkers and stores...

21 hours ago

Tax savings and productivity: How to make the most of a home office

Having a dedicated home office may allow you to claim a tax deduction from SARS if you are a full-time employee who spends more than half your working hours in your home office...

21 hours ago

Covid-19 dominates the media in South Africa

No single story has ever dominated the global media landscape as much as the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and its impact on health, safety and global economies...

Issued by Ornico 22 hours ago

What a pandemic can teach us about cybersecurity

The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting everyone. The World Economic Forum has stated that cybersecurity "matters more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic"...

By Raymond Pompon 22 hours ago

New AIA task force offers insights for adapting buildings into healthcare facilities

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has launched a new task force to inform public officials, healthcare facility owners and architects on adapting buildings into temporary healthcare facilities...

22 hours ago

Best practices for PR campaigns during Covid-19

Lama Abdelbarr has put together a guide on what PR professionals should be pitching right now and how they should be doing it...

By Lama Abdelbarr 23 hours ago

Covid-19 likely to exact heavy toll in Africa

The young average age of the population in Africa is likely to be a positive factor, given that Covid-19 seems to be exacting a higher toll on older patients around the world. However...

23 hours ago

How #Covid-19 will transform global supply chains

Covid-19 has brought the global economy to a standstill. Governments around the world are working hard to slow the rate of infection, but what does this mean for businesses? We asked our supply chain and freight forwarding experts to weigh in...

Issued by Barloworld Logistics 1 day ago

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