Maiyo is the founder and managing director of Native Worx is a boutique consultancy that helps leaders position transformation as a healthy and essential part of an organisation's growth and development. This is done through solutions in change management, organisational re-alignment communication and building a culture of personal accountability.
Her philosophy is keep it simple, to-the-point and authentic so that people can understand exactly what you are transforming and why. At the core of Maiyo's message is transformation, self-mastery and personal-development.
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Current employment

Managing Director and Founder
Native Worx Consultancy -


Communication - Media Studies
Year completed:2010
Education level:Honours
Final year subjects:Mass Communication Theory
Media Management, Policy and Regulation
Media research
International communication and political communication
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Communication Science
Year completed:2008
Education level:Degree
Final year subjects:International Communication
Media Studies: Institutions, Theories and Issues
Media Studies: Content, Audiences and Production
Marketing Communication
Communication Research
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Public Relations Management
Year completed:2008
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:Communication Science
Public Relations
Media Studies
Public Relations Practice
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Why communication matters in organisational transformation

2020 is here! For some organisations, the year has been earmarked for changes like scaling down products, the introduction of new technology, retrenchments or management reshuffling...

By Maiyo Febi 3 Jan 2020

10 reasons to set goals for 2020

Setting goals for the New Year may be the last thing you feel like doing now that the festive season has kicked in, but the buzz will eventually fade and it will be back to 'business-as-usual'. This is where setting goals becomes important...

By Maiyo Febi 13 Dec 2019

Go big, or go boutique? What to consider when appointing a PR agency

The 90s sales slogan reads: "Go big or go home!" Does this kind of thinking still apply today?...

By Maiyo Febi 25 Apr 2018

The evolution of the public relations practitioner

Today the PR practitioner must be responsive and well versed in many areas, mainly: marketing, social media and influencer management, while remaining tuned into the latest trends likely to affect the industry...

By Maiyo Febi 2 Mar 2018

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