Auguste Coetzer is a Director of Signium Africa (previously Talent Africa), a leading South African-based executive search and talent management company servicing sub-Saharan Africa.
Why no robot could fill an executive assistant's shoes

In a world where artificial intelligence is increasingly taking over jobs and making them redundant, good executive assistants need not worry: it is unlikely that there will be a robot that can be a perfect executive assistant...

By Auguste Coetzer 11 Sep 2019

#RecruitmentFocus: Dealing with life after executive retrenchment

No job is safe, no future secure. That's the new normal as executives in both the private and public sectors confront a disturbing reality - retrenchment...

By Auguste Coetzer 3 Dec 2018

Corporate crises expose leaders to new challenge

A series of corporate communication missteps and ponderous responses has exposed a gap in the skills mix at executive and directorial levels across South Africa ...

By Auguste Coetzer 24 May 2018

#EntrepreneurMonth: Entrepreneurs in the corporate world

Entrepreneurship is widely celebrated. Since 2010, National Entrepreneur's Day on 19 November has been presidentially proclaimed in the USA and has now been joined by National Entrepreneurship Month (November), National Entrepreneurship Week and Small Business Saturday.

By Auguste Coetzer 2 Nov 2017

Finding diversity through blind hiring

Research supports the contention that greater diversity equals greater business success. Internationally, this has prompted a hunt for hiring tools that foster recruitment based solely on aptitude and competencies...

By Auguste Coetzer 5 Apr 2016

Revealed: the big CFO miscalculation

Chief financial officers are not generally known for making miscalculations, but they are currently in danger of making a big one... with huge ramifications for their future prospects...

By Auguste Coetzer 8 Feb 2016

CFO to CEO - the right brain shift

A frequent corporate assumption is that the chief financial officer (CFO) is the CEO in waiting. This has often been the case in South Africa, but recent US research indicates this could be less and less likely...

By Auguste Coetzer 4 Feb 2016

Do we get full value for conference attendance?

Getting back to serious work in the New Year means getting the diary for the next 12 months into some sort of order. A key issue here is what conferences to attend, where and why...

By Auguste Coetzer 12 Jan 2016

Create a recycling culture: the dustbin test

Rubbish is going to waste in corporate South Africa. It shouldn't, but it does. As a result, natural resources are depleted, pressure on landfill sites rockets, the environment suffers and companies lose billions through wasteful practices and failure to derive commercial returns from the mountains of material they discard...

By Auguste Coetzer 15 Sep 2015

Who's who in the corporate zoo...

The 'corporate jungle' is hardly a flattering term for the management suite, but some similarities have to be acknowledged. Survival is a vital issue in both scenarios...

By Auguste Coetzer 3 Jul 2015

Layabout managers

Worker's Day recognises the national contribution of our labour force. It's also a good time to recognise that the workers have a point when they insist it's unfair to focus exclusively on the low paid when companies complain of time wasting, laziness, sick note abuse and other forms of workplace cheating...

By Auguste Coetzer 29 Apr 2015

Headhunting: the art of getting someone else to the top

We all understand the desire to get to the top, but getting someone else to the top requires a unique set of skills and a mindset many people find difficult to fathom.

By Auguste Coetzer 17 Apr 2015

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