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IAB Bookmarks Awards and Summit 2019

#DesignIndaba2019: Day two speaker highlights

Day two of the 2019 instalment of Design Indaba is officially over. The day's speaker highlights included insights from British minimalist architect and interior designer John Pawson and a different kind of art by Faith XLVII, The Grrrl and Pure.

Architect Mariam Kamara explains how she restored a mosque by turning into a library and mosque.
Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson explores the human senses beyond the five we're used to.
Faith XLVII presents a different kind of art with The Grrrl and Pure.
Freyja Sewell talks tech, meditation and design for the mind.
Kagiso Lediga on storytelling in entertainment.
Keenan Wyrobek presents his revolutionary drone system at Design Indaba Festival 2019.
Communications designer Ellie Frymire talks about her thesis, '#MeToo - An exploration of tweets using cluster analysis'.
Markus Kayser explains how his sun cutter project harnesses solar energy to create objects in a process similar to laser cutting.
Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez presents Ooho! -- the disappearing biodegradable water-filled bead made from brown algae and calcium chloride (seaweed).
Pascale Theron shares how she's using design to revive the ostrich farming industry.
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