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From PPE shortages to Covid-19 vaccine distribution, the supply chain has emerged as a determinant of health
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA

The International Air Transport Association has urged governments to abide by...

19 Aug 2021

Combined market cap of global airlines plunge by $12bn as Covid cases rise
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UNCTAD, IATA extend partnership to facilitate global trade

The two organisations will leverage their leadership in their respective fields...

12 Aug 2021

Reinventing the wheel: The future of public transit
IATA global airline industry statistics show devasting effects of Covid-19
Global air cargo posts strongest first half-year growth since 2017
The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that global supply chains are a huge house of cards
Survey: Passengers confident in air travel safety, continue to support mask-wearing
August #WomensMonth made possible by the Intercare Group
Billions in export revenue at risk if suppliers don't cut carbon emissions - study
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Global air cargo demand up 12% in April
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Marek Zmyslowski on plotting a realistic e-commerce growth strategy in Africa
Solar minibuses for Africa? Data seen as key to green transport switch
IATA welcomes G20 Push to restart tourism
Global air cargo demand up by 4.4% in March compared to pre-Covid levels
Afrikrea launches SaaS platform to simplify global selling for African merchants
Bobby Madhav, FNB head of trade and structured trade and commodity finance
Domino's trials self-driving pizza delivery robot
The airline industry hasn't collapsed, but that's the only good news for overseas travel
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Top three take-away lessons from the Suez Canal blockage
When 1 in 3 users are tourists, that changes the bike-share equation for cities
Made in Africa conference aims to drive Pan-African prosperity
IATA training initiative to help laid-off airline cabin crew members re-enter the job market
Global air cargo demand drops by 10.6% in 2020

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