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Plans revealed for new Miami Produce Center complex raised on thin stilts

BIG's new plans for a Miami Produce Center complex raised on thin stilts have been released. For the mega mixed-use project in the city's Allapattah neighbourhood, BIG has teamed up with Miami Beach developer Robert Wennett, as reported by The Real Deal.
Images courtesy of The Real Deal

The jenga-like complex will include residential units, office, hotel, retail, educational space and parking spaces, according to a Special Area Plan recently filed with the City of Miami.

The eight-building complex will cover a 34,5602 block at 12th Avenue and 21st Street, all of which was purchased for a grand total of $16m by the Miami Produce Center LLC in 2016, according to Property Records.

In recent years, Wennett’s LLC purchased old buildings and some warehouses for $20.6m in the industrial area, situated west of Wynwood and east of Miami International Airport. Currently, the area has attracted investors like Wennett, the Rubell family, Michael Simkins and Lyle Stern.

Images courtesy of The Real Deal

Multi-levelled landscape

BIG's new design scheme is composed of eight buildings that are connected to each other horizontally and raised on thin stilts to protect the industrial area underneath and proposes a multi-levelled landscape. The area allows for the design of buildings up to 48 stories high with 1,237 residential units and nearly 1,500 parking spaces.

Images courtesy of The Real Deal

The initial renderings show that the jenga-like development will be rising up to 19 stories with about 1,200 residential units and 1,149 parking spaces. In order to differentiate the blocks from each perspective, BIG adds colourful units in between the thin floor slabs, and triangular-shaped balconies will make the blocks more visible and perceptible from bottom-to-top.

Article originally published on World Architecture Community.
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