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One year on: #Covid-19 by the numbers

Friday, 5 March, marked the first anniversary of the first Covid-19 case identified in South Africa. How the world has changed since then.
Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

It’s been a roller coaster ride, ever since.

In less than a month after the first diagnosis, we were heading for hard lockdown..

One year on

  • >1,5-million cases
  • >9,000,000 tests
  • 50,000 recorded Covid-deaths
  • 150,000 excess deaths
  • >1.4-million recoveries
  • Two waves
  • Discovery of the so-called South African variant - 501Y.V2
  • 92,029 vaccines administered to frontline workers
  • Two-million jobs were lost

Despite the turmoil, suffering and disruption in 2020, South Africans showed their resilience when faced with hard times. And with the subsidence of the second wave and the Sisonke vaccine programme starting to gather momentum, there are glimmers of hope for the future.

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