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Khaya Sitholw on the ANC not losing power.

Khaya Sitholw on the ANC not losing power.

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    CDA Solutions prioritises youth employment in financial services

    In honour of Youth Day on 16 June, CDA Solutions, a leading financial services provider in South Africa, is proud to announce the launch of two initiatives aimed at fostering the growth and success of the industry by engaging and empowering the youth.
    CDA Solutions prioritises youth employment in financial services

    The first initiative is the implementation of the Youth Employment Services (YES) Programme, a collaborative effort between the government and businesses to provide job opportunities, internships, and mentorship to young individuals. CDA Solutions has committed to creating 14 positions within various administrative functions, with the goal of filling these roles through the YES programme by the end of June. By investing in developing and training young talent, CDA Solutions aims to contribute to building a skilled workforce that can drive the industry forward.

    Recognising the importance of career advancement for youth and existing employees, CDA Solutions has also launched a Learnership initiative. This program offers 18 structured learning opportunities for the current financial year, combining theoretical knowledge with practical workplace experience. By participating in learnerships, young individuals will gain industry-specific skills and competencies, paving the way for a successful career in the
    financial industry.

    "Our industry's future relies on our commitment to igniting the passion for financial services as a career among the youth," says Adrian Plantema, managing director of CDA Solutions. "We understand that many young individuals may not be fully aware of the exciting opportunities available within the financial services industry. Through the YES Programme and Learnerships, we aim to provide a clear pathway for the youth to explore and establish successful careers in financial services while also fostering growth and development for our existing employees."

    Effective mentorship plays a vital role in guiding and nurturing young talent. CDA Solution's initiatives offer consistent mentorship, allowing mentees to receive guidance, industry insights, and assistance in navigating their career journeys within the financial services industry. Moreover, these programs facilitate valuable networking opportunities, enabling young individuals to connect with industry leaders, expand their professional networks, and explore diverse career pathways.

    As a responsible financial services provider, CDA Solutions believes in taking concrete actions to empower the youth on South Africa's Youth Day rather than mere rhetoric. By embracing the potential of young talent through the YES Programme and Learnerships, CDA Solutions aims to shape the financial services industry's future, ensuring its continued evolution and success.

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