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GCRO to participate in inaugural Seoul Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism

The Gauteng City-Region Observatory will participate in the Cities Exhibition at the inaugural 2017 Seoul Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism. The exhibition will be on display 2-5 November.
Population density of GCR, showing the population within and beyond Gauteng Province.

The Gauteng City-Region is the only South African city represented in the Cities Exhibition. The GCRO exhibition, entitled Shifting Borders and Building Bridges, explores the making, shifting and bridging of urban borders. It observes these urban borders through four perspectives: spatial, social, institutional, and resource via four interactive story maps. Each story draws on a combination of previous research and new content including videos, interactive visualisations and experimental maps. Using touch screens and tablets, visitors can scroll through each story map or play with the live maps and visualisations and is fully bilingual (English and Korean).

Dongdaemun Design Plaza – the venue for the Cities Exhibition

GCRO will be exhibiting in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza designed by the late Zaha Hadid.

The exhibition can be viewed here.
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