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Elections 2024

Ayanda Allie a young beautiful and smart leader

Ayanda Allie a young beautiful and smart leader

Elections 2024

Ayanda Allie a young beautiful and smart leader

Ayanda Allie a young beautiful and smart leader

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    Effie Worldwide launches series of marketing effectiveness virtual workshops

    Effie Worldwide has intriduced a virtual marketing effectiveness bootcamp. A series of virtual workshops, offering professional marketers training rooted in Effie's framework of marketing effectiveness.

    Called the Global Marketing Effectiveness Bootcamp, this 10-week course will be conducted across three regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa. The Bootcamp will give participants the chance to learn directly from organisations including IBM, Unilever and VMLY&R. They are sponsored by Facebook Blueprint, in a partnership which will see some of the e-learning platform’s digital marketing content included in the Bootcamps curriculum.

    Bootcamps cover how to achieve effective marketing initiatives, as well as theory-based learning, and will provide opportunities for peer networking. Participants apply their new skills to an independent project relevant to their business, such as a product launch or marketing initiative, with support from an industry mentor. This project will be evaluated by at least three professional marketers serving as Effie Mentors to earn the Effie Marketing Effectiveness Certificate.

    Each Bootcamp runs for 10 weeks with workshops conducted via Zoom. They are available in major markets worldwide, starting in the Americas (Oct 13-15, 19-21), followed by Asia Pacific (Nov 11, 12 & 16-19) and then EMEA (Dec 9, 10, 14-17). Content is aimed at professionals with an average of five years’ industry experience.

    Fostering marketing effectiveness

    “Effie Worldwide is dedicated to fostering marketing effectiveness throughout the industry and a key method of achieving that goal is providing education and learning opportunities to marketers at every level of their career,” said Traci Alford, president and CEO of Effie Worldwide.

    This year is particularly challenging for every business, but through our virtual training sessions, we are proud to offer marketers educational programs based on learnings from more than 50-years of successful marketing effectiveness case studies that can help young professionals achieve the results so critically needed for their company’s survival and future growth.
    Through the Effie Academy, Effie Worldwide supports marketers with real-world learnings and career mentorship from professional brand marketers throughout every level of their careers. The Effie Academy includes features geared to college students, young professionals, middle management and leadership. Each program is centred on the fundamentals of marketing effectiveness, teaching and encouraging the practice of the Effie Framework for Marketing Effectiveness: Challenge, Context & Objectives; Insights & Strategic Idea; Bringing the Idea to Life; and the Results.

    Veronica Parker-Hahn, senior vice-president, Growth & Innovation at Effie Worldwide, said: “Our immersive programs are designed to inspire and educate platform, brand and agency professionals about the drivers of effective marketing strategies. Effie’s educational approach is rooted in more than 50 years of effective marketing analysis, from our proven framework for marketing effectiveness to our award-winning case studies and proprietary system judging work from world’s leading brands.”

    The Effie Collegiate Challenge

    In addition to the Bootcamps, Effie Worldwide is offering for the first time a collegiate competition for a full academic year for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. The Effie Collegiate Challenge is an annual course that brings students and major brands together to address a real-world marketing challenge. Participating brands present a brief to student teams, who then use Effie’s framework for marketing effectiveness to research, ideate and executive marketing strategies to address professional-level marketing challenges.

    In the US, brands that have participated in the Effie Collegiate program have included IBM, Target, Heineken, Kleenex and Subaru, among others.

    Effie Worldwide also conducts customised Marketing Effectiveness Evaluator courses, interactive learning sessions, for brand teams that are tailored to every level of professional development, from entry-level to C-suite. Previous participants include P&G, Dentsu, Google and Walmart, among others.

    To learn more about Effie Worldwide’s Effie Academy, click here.

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