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New data shows how badly polluted Cape Town's vleis are
How mining erodes the rights of women
Economic recovery from Covid-19 relies on green economy
Zandvlei opens for boating after sewage scare
NPO coalition calls on government to abandon plans for new coal-fired power, threatens legal action
Addressing global environmental challenges vital for rebuilding economies
Lack of clean water in Hammanskraal is a violation of rights, says SAHRC
6,000 people sign petition demanding City of Cape Town comes clean on water quality
SDG 6: There is no life without water so give it the attention it needs
African farmers could benefit from more friendly EU agriculture policies
Ingula Nature Reserve declared wetland of international importance
Compliance a priority as Covid-19 continues to shake up mining
Levi's drives awareness around importance of clean drinking water
They're everywhere: New study finds polyester fibres throughout the Arctic Ocean
Secondhand clothing sales are booming - and may help solve the sustainability crisis in the fashion industry
Following a t-shirt from cotton field to landfill shows the true cost of fast fashion
Premal Ranchod, head of ESG research at Alexander Forbes Investments
Court ruling in water pollution case
Green economy recovery: Women leading their emancipation
Is Clover committed to being better in every way? I don't think so
[REPORT]: Tech innovation is critical for future sustainability
#WorldEnvironmentDay: Celebrating biodiversity in the times of Covid-19
Beaches at risk: Report reveals alarming pollution along Cape Town's coast
Oil smeared fishboats on oily mud in the river during low tide at K-Dere, near Bodo in the Niger Delta region Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP via Getty Images
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Upward trajectory towards environmental sustainability
The mining pollution crisis that can be avoided with water treatment solutions
#WorldFoodDay: The move to veganism in South Africa
Unusual and efficient guerilla marketing moves and ideas
Separated display screens (TVs) at the site. Alison Stowell
Coal mines need to be taken to task over water pollution
Restoring soil can help address climate change
Fast fashion lies: Will they really change their ways in a climate crisis?
Taking aim at SA's air and water pollution challenges and leaving no one behind
SA agriculture learning to dance with the wind
Three species of immature mosquito: the common house mosquito, and the malaria vectors An. arabiensis and An. funestus. Supplied
Wealth from waste - three ways pollution can be turned into something useful
Vaal River. Image by Ossewa,
How dirty is the Cape Flats groundwater?
Having clean water is a human right: Maintaining clean environment is a human responsibility
Will 2019 really be the year of the vegan?
Africa could lose more than half its bird and mammal species by 2100
Call for Famous Brands to commit to cage-free eggs
Clothing rental could be the key to a stylishly sustainable fashion industry
The risk of unsustainable agricultural practices should not be underestimated
What are the new amendments to Cape Town's Water By-law?
Payatas dumpsite, Metro Manila, Philippines. Image by Kounos, CC BY-SA 3.0,
How mine dumps in South Africa affect the health of communities living nearby
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