kgololo Andries mokala

Human Resource Business Partner
Location:Thaba Nchu, South Africa


I am very simple, energetic, young and with the will to thrive in all I do. the goal is to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. I believe in learning; learning new things, learning how to do things, efficiently and effectively. learning how to learn from others, and learning to understand how to interact, influence and be influenced by all systems that surrounds you at any given moment in time.
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Current employment

National Education, Health & Allied Workers Union
Present - Thaba Nchu
: Assisting in the recruitment and organizing of workers within the scope of the union, : Assisting in drafting and writing recognition agreements on behalf of the union, : Assisting in building strong and vibrant branches, shop stewards committees and substructures capable of providing quality service and sufficient representation of members of the union, : Assisting in training and supporting shop stewards and office bearers on member representation, : Assisting in building strong paralegal teams in the regions that are capable to represent members in grievance processes and disciplinary cases as well as conciliation and arbitration, : Assisting in the co-ordination of, and research in collective bargaining related work and negotiations in all companies and institutions within the scope of the union, : Assisting in handling grievance and disciplinary hearings and referrals for conciliation and arbitration to CCMA or the relevant Bargaining Council, : Assisting in handling restructuring processes including retrenchment and transfer of staff in terms of the Labour Relations Act, : Assisting in drafting and submission of reports on related programs and activities discussed above to the Regional Secretary and Provincial Head of Organizing Service Centre, and : Assisting in strengthening communication among and within the union through writing articles for the bulletins and media statements of the union.


HR Graduate
South African Revenue Services -
1 Feb 2012 - 1 Feb 2014 - Ladybrand
Key Responsibilities : Compiling weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual HR reports; Employment Equity Reports, Labour Relations Report, Absenteeism Reports, Performance Evaluation Reports, HR Fleet Reports, Weekly HR and Monthly HR Activities Reports : Up keeping and regularly updating a comprehensive personnel database : Administering different HR Systems; Electronic Performance Management Systems (E-PMS), E-Central Org-Tool, SAP HR System (ER cases, Leave, Pay Records, Personnel records, Absenteeism) : Facilitating Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures; Internal and external e.g. CCMA Cases : Advising on HR Policies, Practices and Procedures, : Monitoring and reporting on HR Fleet : Cooperating with other HR Units; Health and Safety, Recruitment and selection, Employee Relations, and Labour Unions


Organisational skills, basic counsellig skills, Interpersonal skills, Organisational skills, basic counsellig skills, Interpersonal skills


N.Dip Human Resources manageme
Year completed:2010
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:management of training II
industrial relations II
personnel management III
Business management III
Institution:Central University of Technology,Free State
Location:Bloemfontein, South Africa
B-TechHuman Resources manageme
Year completed:2012
Education level:Degree
Final year subjects:Advanced management of training IV
Advanced Human Resources management IV
Advanced industrial relations IV
Organisational behaviour
Strategic management
Institution:Central University of Technology,Free State
Location:Bloemfontein, South Africa
International business studies
Year completed:2011
Education level:Certificate
Final year subjects:Globalisation
Strategic management
Organisational behaviour
Corporate strategy
Negotiation techniques
German European culture
German Intensive course
Institution:HTW Aalen university in Germany
Location:Aalen, Germany
International Business Studies
Year completed:2014
Education level:Certificate
Final year subjects:: Decision Making and Rational Choice
: Decision Making Theory and Practice
: Economic Policy in the European Union
: European Union; Policy and Politics
: Research Based Business; Ventures
: Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy Law
: History of Modern Political Philosophy
: State; Politics and Economy In Modern South and Southeast Asia
Institution:Leiden University
Location:Leiden, Netherlands, The
N-Diploma Human Resources
Year completed:2013
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:: Human Resources Provisioning
: Human Resources Strategy and Implementation
: Improving Organizational Productivity
: Information Management System
: Performance and Quality Management
: Labour Relations
: Labour Relations Implementation
: Training and Development
: Contemporary Human Resources Issues
: Conducting Outcomes Based Education
Institution:University of Johannesburg
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


kgololo Andries mokala
[Human Resources & Recruitment] Are Trade Unions Really vehicles for the outcry of our SA societies or they are just stalling every change programme brought forth by the employers by not consulting members?
Posted 6 years ago | Like
kgololo Andries mokala
To be or not to be: In writing
It would seem the Commissioner overstepped the bounds of his/her jurisdiction in this matter. The dispute was about the dismissal, and by reasoning the Commissioner seem to have assumed the interpretation and application of the LRA. I might be misguided but it seems the Commissioner has overstepped his powers on this one, unless in determining the true nature of the dispute the Commissioner had discerned that the real dispute was about interpretation and application of Section 198B not dismissal.
Posted on 15 May 2019 11:27
kgololo Andries mokala
Talent is a myth
Great stuff man.I Love it. i always wondered "is it worth it employing someone with experiance in a field (noting experiance might be the ceiling and an obsticle to innovation) rather than one with limited knowledge, high potential and eagerness (to learn) who could most probably acquire the missing skill in a week's intensive training!" Great stul
Posted on 26 Nov 2013 08:49
kgololo Andries mokala
How entrepreneurs can compete with large companies
Man! great article trully inspired, love it.keep it up
Posted on 9 Oct 2013 20:45
kgololo Andries mokala
Could education create the next Facebook?
Indeed a free learning would work wonders, considering we are already operating under the Outcomes Based Education & concomitant assessment. that means students will have the expected outcomes, & assessment criteria beforehand, therefore aiding them to socialise as much as they like knowing exactly what is expected which will require less face-to-face interaction with lectures. Great Idea
Posted on 15 Jul 2013 22:36
kgololo Andries mokala
Liberty tackle youth unemployment
Great work. It is disturbing to notice how at most learnerships are simply geared towards capacitating learners with sector/ industry specific skills but nothing is done to ensure learners are retained. i wish most companies and Government departments could follow liberty's approach to learnership implementation and its subsequent outcomes.
Posted on 9 May 2013 20:10
kgololo Andries mokala
Leadership: it's the brass tacks that count
Wow! Lovely piece and what a nice illustration of the fruits of being a great leader. Great job
Posted on 9 May 2013 20:03
kgololo Andries mokala
Unemployment rises in first quarter of 2013
In as much as Mr Manuel pleaded with Government to stop blaming Apartheid for the present failures and take action, i am of the view that it is this short term action comouflaged in words 'employment creation' that comes in the form of learnerships to the youth that culminate in such high stats of unemployment.the thing is, Governement introduces many internships and learnerships, most which take about a year or two. so as a result for the period the learners and inters are still serving their learnerships it seems like employment increased & unemployment decreased, but when reality sets in and the contracts come to an end, it appears as a shock to the Nation & Stats SA that; is it possible that in such a short period of time 'Unemployment' can rise with such rates. well it is possible until the Government stops creating learnerships more learnerships at the expence of long term employment.
Posted on 9 May 2013 19:04
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