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Daniel Munslow

Independent Communication Consultant
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Daniel is an independent communication consultant working with leading organisations on mapping out strategic communication, executive communication and crisis communication needs. He regularly speaks at local and international conferences about research, crisis communication, leadership communication, agility and integration. He is the immediate past chair of IABC Africa and a two-year term director on the International Executive Board of the IABC; as well as a member of the Holmes Report Advisory Board.
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Daniel Munslow
[Marketing & Media] South African-based brand engagement agency, Talk2Us, and London-based leadership training organisation Impact Factory have announced plans to form an exclusive strategic partnership.
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The role of communicators in the SDGs in Africa

How Africa's communicators can aid the United Nations in communicating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...

By Daniel Munslow 9 Mar 2018

#BizTrends2018: Are you a reputational resilience expert or crisis fodder?

2017 was not a good year for companies handling crises. The number of casualties was alarming. We had our pick of it - from motoring, to beverages, to aviation, and everything in between...

By Daniel Munslow 8 Jan 2018

Is it time to regulate the PR industry?

It has become more important than ever to address the current lack of regulation in the public relations industry, and explore the best options in promoting ethical conduct across the profession...

By Daniel Munslow 14 Jul 2017

87% of PR executives believe the term “public relations” does not describe their future

Key findings from the USC Annenberg CPR's global communications report...

By Daniel Munslow 19 Apr 2017

Increasing the impact of business communication during a crisis

When an organisation faces a crisis, you expect it to act quickly to mitigate the reputational risk through strategic business communication tactics...

By Daniel Munslow 25 Jan 2017

The Business Communicator's role in the boardroom

As the role of communication continues to advance at board and executive levels, professionals also need to advance their game...

By Daniel Munslow 2 Oct 2016

PRISA conference panel puts spotlight on crisis communication

When a crisis happens, the need to communicate is immediate. The reputation of a business is at stake, with potentially devastating consequences...

By Daniel Munslow 16 Aug 2016

The elusive C-suite for communicators

The IABC World Conference took place in New Orleans this month. One of the challenges for communicators is securing a seat at the top...

By Daniel Munslow 21 Jun 2016

The crisis of listening

Communications specialist Daniel Munslow on trends from the World PR Forum...

By Daniel Munslow 15 Jun 2016

Adapt or die

"Communicators who are most adaptable, agile and change-ready will survive, as the past is no longer a predictor of future success," was a key message at the IABC World Conference in New Orleans this week...

By Daniel Munslow 9 Jun 2016

A lesson in cross-cultural communication

Communicating across cultures has become one of the most talked about subjects for global communication professionals as they continue to face the challenges associated with communicating with large, geographically spread audiences...

By Daniel Munslow 3 Jun 2016

Cultural appreciation in reputation management

Communicating across cultures was the theme that emerged from a recent reputational management workshop I presented...

By Daniel Munslow 30 May 2016

Recruitment trends 2016

Leaders realise that to successfully run their companies, they need a clear business strategy that meets strategic challenges and drives the organisation forward...

By Daniel Munslow 22 Jan 2016

Who really safeguards a company's reputation?

Let's take a step back to good old reputation management - the cornerstone principle of safeguarding a company's good name. In the past, it was a function almost exclusively dedicated to the corporate affairs teams...

By Daniel Munslow 29 Oct 2015

The evolution of business communication

The traditional role of public relations continues to evolve in a dynamic and constantly changing landscape. Today, PR is a key function of an organisation's reputation management strategy...

By Daniel Munslow 2 Oct 2015

Linking engagement to performance

Employee engagement and internal communication have become top business priorities among senior executives around the world. No longer is the function seen as a 'nice to have'...

By Daniel Munslow 10 Jun 2015

Collaboration - a game changer

Comment8, a UK internal communications consultancy, hosted its third annual iCollaborate conference in London, focussing on key trends impacting practitioners...

By Daniel Munslow 22 Apr 2015

IABC EMENA conference tackles leadership communication

LONDON: The IABC EMENA, the counterpart of the Africa region of the IABC, hosted their annual conference titled "Power to the People", addressing the key trends in communication...

By Daniel Munslow 15 Apr 2015

Internal communication: high value, low cost

Looking back at the internal communication landscape in South Africa over the past year, and the trends that we are implementing in dozens of companies across Africa, here are some of the highlights of what can be expected in this specialised discipline in 2013.

By Daniel Munslow 16 Jan 2013

Are you a third generation communicator?

An increasing amount of pressure is being placed on internal communication specialists in large organisations, as financial decision makers and business leaders seek to understand the tangible business benefits of the discipline and how it is delivering on and contributing to business priorities.

By Daniel Munslow 17 Jul 2012

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