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Octotel brings a new era of internet connectivity in Wellington

Octotel, the leading fibre network provider in the Western Cape, proudly announces the successful completion of its high-speed fibre network rollout in Wellington. This achievement signifies a major stride in Octotel's commitment to providing cutting-edge fibre connectivity to every home in the Western Cape region.
Octotel brings a new era of internet connectivity in Wellington

Despite encountering challenges and delays typical of large-scale infrastructure projects, Octotel's unwavering dedication to the Wellington community fueled the successful deployment of top-tier fibre Wi-Fi connectivity in residents' homes.

Tyrone Ross, chief fibre officer at Octotel, acknowledged the hurdles faced during the Wellington project, particularly in the local municipal wayleave process. "Working closely with local council and municipal stakeholders to navigate additional wayleave requirements was crucial for infrastructure installation. Despite setbacks, including weather-related challenges and tough ground conditions, we maintained momentum, ensuring the project adhered to Octotel’s network specifications and local municipality standards."

Octotel chief fibre operator, Tyrone Ross
Octotel chief fibre operator, Tyrone Ross

Octotel's mission extends beyond providing fast and reliable internet; it is deeply rooted in enhancing the lives of Western Cape residents while bridging the digital divide. The Wellington rollout exemplifies Octotel's commitment to empowering communities through transformative connectivity.

Ross highlighted the broader impact of the project, stating, "To date, we have engaged over 500 local residents in the rollout, with expectations for ongoing employment in the coming months."

The introduction of Octotel Fibre in Wellington brings numerous benefits to the community. Businesses now have access to reliable, high-speed internet, positioning them to compete on a global scale. Students can leverage abundant educational resources and engage in online learning without constraints. Octotel’s network lays the foundation for a digitally empowered Wellington.

"Our journey in Wellington is ongoing. Having connected over 4,000 homes, we have an additional 6,000 in the pipeline, eagerly awaiting activation. With dedicated efforts, our plan is to enable another 3,500 homes by year-end," announced Ross.

Wellington residents need to brace themselves for the advantages of fast, reliable internet connectivity, unlocking new opportunities for growth, innovation, community development, and a connected future.

About Octotel

Octotel is a leading fibre network provider in the Western Cape, dedicated to connecting communities and fostering a digitally empowered future.

With a commitment to excellence, Octotel strives to bridge the digital divide and enhance the lives of residents in the Western Cape region. For more information, visit

Octotel is the Western Cape's largest open-access network, offering uncapped Fibre To The Home (FTTH) and Fibre To The Business (FTTB) services through South Africa's leading Internet Service Providers. They strive to make fibre internet more accessible to all.
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