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What's on at the 2018 South African HorrorFest

In celebration of the spooky season, the 14th annual South African HorrorFest will be held at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town from 25 October-1 November 2018. This year's lineup includes over a dozen new, indie and classic movies, many South African premieres, local productions, free pre-release screenings of brand new releases, and around 60 fantastic short films from around the world.
Then there is the Bloody Parchment night of dark literature with local authors and the Halloween dress-up competition.

The feature films cover a wide range of chilling prospects, from ghosts, slashers, shape-shifters, and the supernatural, to possession, science-gone-wrong, evil legends, and of course the Frankenstein flavour of the Rocky Horror Picture Show's audience participation screening, and Dante's Inferno in the unique live soundtrack performance of classic 1925 silent film Maciste In Hell by The Makabra Ensemble with live sound supplied by Point Blanc.  

The genre variants span even wider in the close on 60 short films across the three feature-length shadow realm volumes.

Viewers can get the chance to see three chillers before the rest of the country and the world, with free pre-release screenings of Halloween and Overlord from UIP, and Slender Man from FilmFinity.

Join the fun with a likeminded audience appreciating cinema communal culture diving into serious, creepy, scary and comedic subjects, or just sheer entertainment, thrills, and spills.

But as always, the HorrorFest also delivers unique documentaries; this year includes a look at the Hong Kong exploitation movies of the '90s and a doc digging into the huge Halloween haunted attraction industry in the USA. 

Online booking is available at All festival details and the full programme are available at
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