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Triggerfish's Zog is up for an International Emmy
Zog – which was animated by Triggerfish for the UK’s Magic Light Pictures – has been nominated for Best Kids’ Animation at the 2019 International Emmy Awards. Co-directed by two-time Oscar nominee Max Lang (The Gruffalo and Room On The Broom) and multi-award-winning South African Daniel Snaddon (Stick Man), Zog is competing against...
15 Oct 2019 10:54
Aqua Regalia - Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the third iteration of FAITH XLVII’s ongoing series Aqua Regalia. The explorative video is one of the first videos for Faith to co-direct, alongside film maker Dane Dodds. The previous projects in the series came to fruition as exhibitions in London and New York City.
15 May 2017 09:49
The RECCE teaser trailer
The RECCE, a local independent film features Marius Weyers, Christia Visser, Greg Kriek, Elsabe Daneel, De Klerk Oelofse , Maurice Carpede, Grant Swamby and Albert Maritz.
22 Mar 2017 10:13
Mooirivier official trailer
In the tradition of films like Love Actually, Mooirivier is all about love, loving and finding love, telling the story of six couples during the Easter week in Potchefstroom.
3 Feb 2015 10:50
Fury official trailer
Brutal and savage, Fury is a must-see film that will definitely change your views on war as it takes you on a soulful journey through a nightmarish hell.
27 Jan 2015 10:48
Into The Woods official trailer
Into the Woods is an enchanting musical that will cast its magical spell on you.
7 Jan 2015 11:02
The Hobbit 3 official trailer
The overwhelming spectacle and ultimate awe of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will most definitely blow your mind and gets my vote as the top film of 2014.
10 Dec 2014 10:29
Spud 3: Learning to Fly official trailer
In this third instalment in the hugely popular series, Spud Milton continues his diabolical stagger through adolescence, learning one of life's most important lessons: when dealing with women and cretins, nothing is ever quite as it seems.
28 Nov 2014 12:06
Leading Lady - Official trailer
Leading Lady leads the way for the future of South African filmmaking, with writer-director Henk Pretorius delivering a romance that is heartfelt and entertaining.
26 Nov 2014 10:49
Eliza Graves official trailer
Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see in Eliza Graves, a deliciously wicked journey into the heart of an asylum in the wilderness.
29 Oct 2014 12:12
Magic in the Moonlight official trailer
The future is unveiled for a dubious debunker of spiritual mediums in Woody Allen’s witty and charming Magic in the Moonlight.
21 Oct 2014 09:45
Snowpiercer official trailer
Catch a thrilling ride on the action-packed Snowpiercer, a train filled with bustling human lives hurtling through the aftermath of a global apocalypse in one of the most exhilarating films in years.
14 Oct 2014 10:40
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