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Bonga Mpungose Smanga

Brand Manager & Co-Founder at Zkhiphani Brand Agency
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Bonga Mpungose is the a co-founder and executive board director of Lelentle Trading and Projects (PTY) LTD publisher of one of South Africa's biggest urban youth digital portal. is credible youth news source boasting a monthly readership of 300 000+ afro millennials and member of the IAB.
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Gen-Z creatives influencing urban youth culture in 2020

The 18-24 urban youth space is one that many brands have struggled to crack because the audience is very a fickle and hard to please market with more access to information than any other generation. Bonga Mpungose has identified three young urban creatives we believe are a personification of the new 'cool'...

By Bonga Mpungose Smanga 1 Jun 2020

Urban afro millennial 'internet artists' with real influence

Bonga Mpungose identifies the top 3 urban "internet artists" he believes brands need to work with if they want to engage with 18-24 afro millennials on campaigns...

By Bonga Mpungose Smanga 8 Jun 2018

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