Bonga Mpungose Smanga

Brand Manager & Co-Founder at Zkhiphani Brand Agency
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Bonga Mpungose is the co-founder and New Business Director of FRESH AF a business to business and business to consumer branded content and content marketing specialist. The business has over 11 years of experience in the field with clients that range from SOEs to blue-chip private sector businesses. Fresh AF is also the publisher of Zkhiphani, SA Creatives and Mgosi it's own in house publications serving over a million-plus page-views and impressions across it's network on a monthly basis.
Digital culture plugs - The new frontier in urban youth marketing

South African urban youth culture is a very complex space to navigate and without the right credible 'plugs' on the ground to introduce you or expose you to information about this culture and what is deemed valuable by urban centennials has become a very tough job for brands particularity in infiltrating this space and create relevance for themselves...

By Bonga Mpungose Smanga 9 Jul 2020

Gen-Z creatives influencing urban youth culture in 2020

The 18-24 urban youth space is one that many brands have struggled to crack because the audience is very a fickle and hard to please market with more access to information than any other generation. Bonga Mpungose has identified three young urban creatives we believe are a personification of the new 'cool'...

By Bonga Mpungose Smanga 1 Jun 2020

Urban afro millennial 'internet artists' with real influence

Bonga Mpungose identifies the top 3 urban "internet artists" he believes brands need to work with if they want to engage with 18-24 afro millennials on campaigns...

By Bonga Mpungose Smanga 8 Jun 2018

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