Peter Oberem is the founder and CEO of Afrivet; a veterinarian, an avid game rancher, member of the South African Veterinary Council, and the past-president of both Wildlife Ranching South Africa and AVCASA/SAAHA.
How over-regulation, lack of understanding cause poverty and lack of transformation

The DAFF recently published amended regulations for Act 36 of 1947 for comment. Should these amendments be enacted, the impact on food security and the sustainability of the entire livestock value chain, especially small-scale stockholders, will be severely impacted...

By Peter Oberem 23 May 2019

Food security: Africa should be the answer

The focus that agriculture currently enjoys is a golden opportunity for science and skills transfer to position Africa as the solution to the food security conundrum, argues Peter Oberem...

By Peter Oberem 28 Nov 2018

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