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As an educator, public speaker and leader, Kirsty Chadwick has spent almost two decades involved in the field of education. Founder of The Training Room Online, which designs and develops innovative tailor-made e-learning material for the corporate, industrial and private sectors, Kirsty has trained, developed and inspired people across three continents.
[2014 trends] E-learning trends for 2014

According to research firm, Ambient Insight, the global market for self-paced e-learning products and services reached US$ 27.1 billion by 2009 and is likely to double by 2014. With that said, let's have a quick look at the e-learning trends for 2014.

By Kirsty Chadwick 21 Jan 2014

Mobile: the future of learning in Africa

Following the success of the African budget smartphone, Microsoft produced a smartphone targeted specifically at the African mobile market, the Huawei 4Afrika, which was released in February 2013. Since the launch of this smartphone, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of students and even staff making use of smartphones to assist in learning.

By Kirsty Chadwick 17 May 2013

Substantial savings through e-learning

Recent research from US web-based training company indicates that 77% of American corporations use online learning. The research also reported that organisations save up to 70% on training costs when they replace classroom-based learning with e-learning.

By Kirsty Chadwick 7 Apr 2013

E-learning in 2013: Open knowledge

The increased availability of shared, open knowledge is a trend in e-learning that could make a great impact on the way technology in education is approached in South Africa in 2013 and beyond.

By Kirsty Chadwick 7 Mar 2013

E-learning in 2013: Social learning

The e-learning industry is growing rapidly. A survey by Ambient Insight Research predicts that the worldwide market for e-learning products will rise from US$32.1bn in 2010 to US$49.9bn by 2015. As the web becomes increasingly mobile, so will the way we access our e-learning material. Ongoing improvements in technology and online communities have redefined what it means to teach, to learn and to be social.

By Kirsty Chadwick 3 Feb 2013

E-learning trends: what to expect in 2013

E-learning is expected to be worth US$107 billion globally by 2015. Experts predict that digital learning is going to be increasingly mobile in 2013, which will open it up to a wide audience in South Africa where 2.4 million people have access to the internet via their cellphones alone.

By Kirsty Chadwick 11 Jan 2013

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