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Volkswagen recalls new Polo hatchback

NEWSWATCH: Volkswagen has announced that it will recall an estimated 8,367 new Polo hatchbacks because of a potential 'technical issue' with the lock fixtures of the car's rear seatbelt.
The car manufacturer explained that in rare situations the left seatbelt lock could be unintentionally released when the rear centre seat and the rear left seat are occupied at the same time.

Volkswagen stated that its Polo is homologated and safe to drive, but advises its drivers not to use the middle seat of the new Polo until the car is equipped with the redesigned belt lock fixture.

The new Polo is cool, confident, and classy

I recently had the chance to take the sixth generation Volkswagen Polo for a spin along the stunning Eastern Cape coastline...

By Ilse van den Berg 5 Feb 2018

Volkswagen South Africa announced that all current new Polo models are affected in the country.

The recall is set to commence within a few weeks. Owners of the Polo will receive a letter to plan an appointment with a Volkswagen service partner. The execution of the redesigned belt lock fixture will be free of charge.

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