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Elon Musk asks for development ideas for Tesla pickup truck

At the Semi and Roadster reveal last November, Elon Musk quickly showed a mockup drawing of an all-electric pickup truck large enough to carry a pickup truck in its bed.
The Tesla Pickup Truck is pitched as a smaller version of the Semi, but still large enough to haul a standard pickup in its bed (Credit: Tesla)

The wild concept was subsequently confirmed for production after the roll-out of the upcoming Model Y. Now, Musk has taken to Twitter to ask followers for possible feature suggestions – while also confirming some of the specs.

First revealed as a smaller version of the mighty Semi, Musk said that drivers with a regular license would be able to get behind the wheel of the pickup. As standard, the pickup will have dual-motor all-wheel drive with "crazy torque" and dynamically adjustable suspension.

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