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UNICEF Australia, Qantas launch new campaign for children

AUSTRALIA: UNICEF Australia and Qantas have launched a new campaign, 'Save a Child with the Power of Five', which encourages passengers to donate as little as five cents to change the life of an underprivileged child.

20 May 2014


[2012 trends] Strategically solving the conundrums of marketing complexity

The world is sitting in a now familiar state of uncertainty, with debit crisis, stagnant established markets and emerging growth markets and continued pressure to deliver increasing returns. In the face of this uncertainty and continuing increase in fragmentation and complexity, marketers will need to strategically develop more flexibly responses to deal with a range of conundrums.

By Darren Woolley 18 Jan 2012


Emirates takes young Football for Hope players under its wing

DUBAI, UAE/JOHANNESBURG: Emirates, the award-winning airline of the United Arab Emirates, is helping a team of Australian youths get off to a flying start at the Football for Hope Festival 2010 in Johannesburg.

29 Jun 2010