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EurAfrican Forum 2019.
Creating a prosperous, sustainable future for AfricaArticle

EurAfrican Forum 2019: With the contribution of 40 international speakers, the Forum had the participation of 450 participants, from 17 European countries and 24 African countries...

23 Jul 2019

Africa Summit.
Promoting US business interests in AfricaArticle

Nine Africa Heads of State will attend the US-Africa Business Summit in June...

30 Apr 2019

South African teams on the ground in Mozambique, aided by the South African Air Force. Image credit: IPSS Medical Rescue/Paul Herbst.
#NEWSWATCH: Global relief effort after Cyclone Idai devastationArticle

Cyclone Idai which hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi a week ago, has been described as probably the worst weather-related disaster to hit the Southern Hemisphere...

Louise Marsland 20 Mar 2019

WTO must support LDCs
WTO must support LDCsArticle

The global trading system must support least developed countries, says Mozambique...

21 Feb 2019

Maputo-Catembe Bridge. Image by Jcornelius, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Maputo-Catembe Bridge a historic developmentArticle

Cabinet has congratulated the South African engineers involved in the historic development of the longest suspension bridge in Africa...

23 Nov 2018

Image Source:  - President Walmont, Umodzi Park
Umodzi Park makes strides in Malawian hospitality industryArticle

Celebrating two years of hospitality success, the five-star hotel and conferencing destination, Umodzi Park continues to make strides in Malawian tourism and the economy at large...

14 Aug 2017

OffLimit Communications strides into the rest of Africa
OffLimit Communications strides into the rest of AfricaArticle

In recent years, OLC (OffLimit Communications) has extended its operations into multiple countries on the African continent...

Issued by Offlimit Communications 7 Jul 2016

Coca-Cola unveils new $130 million bottling plant in Mozambique
Coca-Cola unveils new $130 million bottling plant in MozambiqueArticle

President of Mozambique and The Coca-Cola Company chairman and CEO open fully-automated, world-class bottling plant in Mozambique...

20 Jun 2016

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