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Restonic SA donates pillows, beds to help frontline healthcare workers
Restonic SA donates pillows, beds to help frontline healthcare workersArticle

Restonic SA has donated pillows and beds valued at R60,000 in total to 300 frontline healthcare workers at Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital to help them get better sleep...

20 Apr 2021

Physician, heal thyself
Physician, heal thyselfArticle

The stress, pressure and long hours that most medical practitioners are exposed on a daily basis does increase the risk to their health...

30 Dec 2018

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British Airways brings a real dining experience to SA air travelArticle

British Airways has launched a new restaurant-style dining experience on all of its flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg, and London...

30 Jul 2018

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A guide on how business travellers can combat stressArticle

Business travel can be stressful and comes with a demanding schedule. According to experts, establishing a routine is paramount in reducing stress levels while travelling for business...

24 Apr 2017

Quality and amount of sleep affect athletes' performance
Quality and amount of sleep affect athletes' performanceArticle

The quality and amount of sleep play a major role in any athlete's performance...

22 Sep 2015

7 ways to stick to your New Year's resolutions
7 ways to stick to your New Year's resolutionsArticle

Andrew Edwards, executive principal officer of Liberty Medical Scheme and fitness expert, Lisa Raleigh, outline seven ways to get the most out of 2014 and stick to your New Year's resolutions.

14 Jan 2014

Mobile phone suits women's vanityArticle

TOKYO, JAPAN: A mobile phone that monitors a user's skin condition, checking for blemishes and colour, was unveiled in beauty-conscious Japan on Thursday (29 November).

30 Nov 2012

Potential paradigm shift in treatment of depression
Potential paradigm shift in treatment of depressionArticle

The discovery of the relationship between disturbed circadian rhythms and depression marks the beginning of a completely new approach to treating depression and a new era in antidepressant therapy.

23 Aug 2011

Insomnia: Doctors need more trainingArticle

More than 3.25 million people in the UK are estimated to meet the diagnostic criteria for insomnia. However, a sizeable proportion of patients do not seek medical advice and doctors aren't suitably prepared to identify and address the problem suggests independent market analyst Datamonitor.

10 Aug 2010

Brits buy bedsArticle

LONDON, UK: Brits are spending money on beds and bedroom furniture despite all other areas of the furniture market continuing to struggle finds Verdict research.

Published by Verdict, part of Datamonitor 2 Aug 2010

Low testosterone levels can impact sleep qualityArticle

At 30 years old, male testosterone levels drop by 1 to 2% annually. By age 40, men's quality of sleep begins to diminish. Could there be a link between decreased testosterone and reduced sleep? Absolutely according to Zoran Sekerovic, a graduate student from the University of Montreal Department of Psychology, who presented his findings at the annual conference of the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS).

18 May 2010

Insomnia could add to SA's economic woesArticle

South Africa is no longer immune to the world's economic woes, and as the global recession continues to deepen and broaden, so too is South Africa's growth performance expected to falter.

Issued by Jenni Newman Public Relations 16 Mar 2009

Sleep well to avoid a coldArticle

Research from the USA suggests that less than seven hours sleep a night inceases your risk of catching a cold.

13 Jan 2009

Managing insomnia in shift workersArticle

Some of the most significant industrial accidents in human history - the Exxon Valdez incident, the Chernobyl disaster, the Three Mile Island accident and the Challenger Space Shuttle crash - were caused by human error as a result of fatigue.

Issued by Jenni Newman Public Relations 17 Nov 2008

The importance of quality sleepArticle

Insomnia is not a disorder to be treated flippantly.

Issued by Jenni Newman Public Relations 30 Oct 2008

Research institutes from Finland and Singapore develop remote healthcare servicesArticle

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and A*STAR Agency for Science, Technology and Research from Singapore have developed remote healthcare services that allow patients to be treated globally independent of time and location and irrespective of the solutions provided by hardware and data system suppliers.

6 Dec 2007

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