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Can your side hustle get you fired?
Can your side hustle get you fired?Article

Relying on a single income may prove unfeasible, but before getting that side hustle off the ground, employees must know what their employment contract states...

20 Apr 2021

Covid-19 takes some oomph out of restraint agreements
Covid-19 takes some oomph out of restraint agreementsArticle

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on the global economy, and in this context we'll consider the enforceability of a restraint of trade agreement during the pandemic...

Lisa-Anne King 19 Apr 2021

11 trends impacting the franchise business landscape in 2021
11 trends impacting the franchise business landscape in 2021Article

We all discovered in 2020 that we cannot predict the future. We have learnt how we can position ourselves and our businesses better for what may lie ahead. The pandemic intensified or accelerated some of the 2020 trends we predicted.

Sasha-Lee de Bod 29 Jan 2021

Johan Botes
#BizTrends2021: The post-pandemic workplace - a look at key trendsArticle

Putting the brakes on business travel and physical offices due to tech transformation...

Johan Botes 11 Jan 2021

Things to consider before making a career move during the pandemic...
Things to consider before making a career move during the pandemic...Article

Significant changes on the work front is one of the many knock-on effects of Covid-19. For many, a career change has been necessitated for a variety of reasons. Whatever the circumstances, the impact of a career change on one's life and finances should be carefully considered...

13 Oct 2020

The case for turning South Africa's coal fields into a renewable energy hubArticle

South Africa is currently one of the world's largest carbon emitters. And it's increasingly being viewed as a pariah that isn't contributing as much as it could to the international fight against global warming and climate change...

Hartmut Winkler 26 May 2020

Effect of Covid-19 on property sale agreements
Effect of Covid-19 on property sale agreementsArticle

In light of the impact Covid-19 has had on jobs and the economy, many individuals and companies are concerned about whether they will be in a position to fulfil their obligations in terms of contracts of sale they may have entered into or intended concluding...

Shaaheda Hoosein 28 Apr 2020

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Groundnut import tariffs: A perilous junctionArticle

Owing to various factors, including drought, high-yielding competitive crops and the absence of pricing mechanisms, the local groundnut industry finds itself at a perilous junction. This is a disheartening situation for those who continue to believe in this commodity and those who make a living in the various branches of this industry.

21 Feb 2020

Dr Stephanie Allen, Deloitte global healthcare leader
#BizTrends2020: Global health challenges and how to change themArticle

The challenges before the global healthcare sector are plenty. But so are the opportunities...

Stephanie Allen 8 Jan 2020

South Africans, say goodbye to Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins
South Africans, say goodbye to Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-RobbinsArticle

JSE-listed Grand Parade Investments is closing all Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins outlets in South Africa following poor performance...

15 Feb 2019

Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo
#MiningIndaba2019: It's time to make Africa prosperousArticle

Africa is home to 30% of the world's mineral reserves. The irony is that a continent that is so rich in minerals is home of the world's poorest people...

Nicci Botha 7 Feb 2019

#RecruitmentFocus: Say "no" to temporary contracts with retrenchment clauses
#RecruitmentFocus: Say "no" to temporary contracts with retrenchment clausesArticle

Labour brokers are finding ways to sidestep the recent amendment to South Africa's labour law and judgement by the Constitutional Court that compels companies to provide permanent contracts to temporary employees after a three-month period...

31 Dec 2018

Testing differential treatment
Testing differential treatmentArticle

In the recent case of Impala Platinum Ltd v Jonase and Others, the Labour Court (LC) dealt with an appeal against an unfair discrimination award...

Lauren Salt and Donovan Lindhorst 6 Nov 2018

Can you transfer restraint of trade from one employer to another?
Can you transfer restraint of trade from one employer to another?Article

In the High Court judgment of Laser Junction v Karl Leeson Fick, Laser Junction sought to enforce a restraint of trade agreement against Fick, following the his promotion and the transfer of his employment contract from his previous employer...

Motheo Mfikoe 29 May 2018

Zwane faces rebellion from within his department
Zwane faces rebellion from within his departmentArticle

Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane is facing a rebellion from officials in his department, amid allegations that a far-reaching redeployment of regional managers is politically motivated...

Natasha Marrian 11 Oct 2017

How business rescue affects employer and employee
How business rescue affects employer and employeeArticle

Business rescue has gained momentum as an alternative to liquidation since its introduction in 2011 through section 6 of The Companies Act...

19 Sep 2017

Can agriculture in Africa sustain a nourishing rural non-farm economy?
Can agriculture in Africa sustain a nourishing rural non-farm economy?Article

Amid rising concerns about food insecurity and high expectations from agribusiness, policymakers have started to emphasise the importance of agriculture as a source of employment...

Andries Du Toit 10 Mar 2016

The Cell C foundation supports the Techno Girl entrepreneurship programme
The Cell C foundation supports the Techno Girl entrepreneurship programmeArticle

Girls born into poverty will be given a much-needed techno boost. Mobile network provider Cell C has partnered with the DSBD to give hope to hundreds of disadvantaged girls...

24 Jun 2015

[BizCareers] Job-hopping and a psychometrist's career options
[BizCareers] Job-hopping and a psychometrist's career optionsArticle

Should I stay or should I go? We weigh up what looks good on a CV vs career fulfillment, as well as finding career options for a budding psychometrist.

Juliette Attwell 28 Oct 2013

Financial intermediaries to overcome many hurdles in 2013
Financial intermediaries to overcome many hurdles in 2013Article

One of the biggest challenges facing intermediaries in 2013 is the on-going economic turmoil, both globally and in South Africa. It is possible that the industry will feel the effects of this contagion even more this year than last. To survive the tough times intermediaries should focus on maintaining and growing their businesses through diversification and the provision of outstanding service and sound financial advice to their clients.

Justus van Pletzen 13 Feb 2013

Eastern Cape shows signs of economic recovery, solid growth prospects in 2013Article

The Eastern Cape is showing signs of economic recovery characterised by improved consumption levels last seen before the onset of the global financial crisis.

7 Feb 2013

Can compulsory retirement funding preservation work?Article

It is a well-known fact that a major contributor to the poor level of retirement provision is the extent to which people tend to spend their withdrawal benefits rather than preserving them. Given the high level of mobility typically experienced during one's working career - either from choice or as a result of retrenchment - it is not surprising that this has the effect of eroding the eventual retirement capital considerably.

Peter Atkinson 15 May 2012

Social recruitment, an effective alternative
Social recruitment, an effective alternativeArticle

Recruiting must change as job seekers change, believes Rowena Lalla, HR manager at NATIVE. According to Lalla, the methods that worked with the Baby Boomers and Generation X, may not be the methods that work with the Millenial Generation.

26 Apr 2012

Shoprite/Metcash deal approved with conditionsArticle

The Competition Tribunal on Monday, 1 August 2011, approved with conditions the transaction in which Shoprite Checkers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shoprite Holdings (SHP), intends to acquire the entire shareholding in Metcash Seven Eleven as well as a part of the Friendly Distribution Division of Metcash Trading Africa.

Zeenat Moorad 2 Aug 2011

Tribunal mulls Shoprite/Metcash Seven Eleven dealArticle

Today, 1 August 2011, the Competition Tribunal will consider the proposed large merger between Shoprite Checkers and Metcash Seven Eleven and a portion of the Friendly Distribution Division of Metcash Trading Africa.

1 Aug 2011

Potential poverty reduction through ICT jobs - reportArticle

NEW YORK: A new report funded by the Rockefeller Foundation estimates that the field of impact sourcing, employing socio-economically disadvantaged people in business process outsourcing (BPO) centres, is currently US$4.5 billion and has the potential to reach US$20 billion and employ 780,000 by 2015.

20 Jun 2011

The New Age in crisis, future hangs in balance
The New Age in crisis, future hangs in balanceArticle

The launch of The New Age newspaper, planned for today, Wednesday, 20 October 2010, amid much fanfare but cancelled (once again) at the last minute due to mass editorial resignations, has shocked [but not surprised - managing ed] the South African media fraternity and unleashed a wave of speculation and gossip about what really might have transpired. [video]

Issa Sikiti da Silva 20 Oct 2010

Salary survey reveals ongoing inequalities
Salary survey reveals ongoing inequalitiesArticle

The third annual Careers24 Salary Survey, released earlier this week, reveals that despite South African organisations' commitment to gender and racial equality, differences among the demographics suggest that many are still unconvinced.

27 Jan 2010

Skill shortages in critical industriesArticle

CareerJunction's latest research reveals major skills shortages in the online labour market for various professions and aims to provide an in-depth snapshot of online labour dynamics and recruitment solutions within the various sectors based on the Q3 of 2009.

3 Dec 2009

Ackerman still has ambitions to fulfilArticle

The founder of Pick 'n Pay, Raymond Ackerman, wants to sell discounted petrol to the public before he retires.

Nicola Mawson 30 Mar 2009

A picture of well-being and happiness in various employment sectors in South AfricaArticle

The beginning of the year marks a time when many people enter the employment sector as new starters, fresh from school or the tertiary environment, or start new jobs having changed their job or the company they work for.

Issued by Kantar 3 Feb 2009

New SAACI membership structureArticle

A new membership structure for the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) will become effective on 1 July 2007. According to Denise Kemp, national SAACI chairman, this new structure follows in-depth research and consultation by the association's membership portfolio committee to find ways to increase tangible benefits for members.

20 Jun 2007

The harsh reality of retrenchment Article

Research from Statistics South Africa's Labour Force Survey (March 2003), indicates that only 11.6 million (63.6%) of the South African population are employed. And it is disturbing to note that one third of unemployment is as a result of retrenchment.

Colleen McLintock 6 Jul 2004

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