Dr Konanani Liphadzi is the CEO of Fruit SA, a non-profit organisation that represents the voice of SA's fresh fruit industry.
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Women in agriculture: Unsung heroes around the globe

Let's move away from treating gender issues as "something at the end-of-the-day" business...

By Konanani Liphadzi 24 Oct 2019

Fruit industry transformation, all hands on deck

We need to get past the futile debate as to whether transformation is a key performance area for government, the industry or both. It's a collective responsibility...

By Konanani Liphadzi 7 May 2019

SA's fruit industry - Doing more with less

Doing more with less is a theme that's found its way into the narratives of all our economic sectors, in one way or another. The agricultural sector - and the fruit industry - has certainly not been spared, especially when it comes to the dwindling natural resource of water...

By Konanani Liphadzi 12 Apr 2019

Agriculture Minister enjoys rare exposure to fruit industry

In January, Minister Senzeni Zokwana's first-ever visit to the fresh fruit industry made for a historic event on the industry calendar...

By Konanani Liphadzi 31 Jan 2019

#BizTrends 2019: Agriculture: The future's uncertain, but our vision doesn't have to be

Stats SA's announcement of 2.2% GDP growth for Q3 of 2018 made SA's exit from the recession official. This time it was thanks to the secondary and tertiary sectors, which grew by 4,5% and 2,6% respectively...

By Konanani Liphadzi 7 Jan 2019

Market access sustains SA's fresh fruit industry

It's the time of year when we tap into our affinity for relationships, which we hardly view alongside billions of rands or the creation of thousands of much-needed jobs. Well, when it comes to market access, SA's R44bn fresh fruit industry does just that...

By Konanani Liphadzi 27 Nov 2018

Fruit South Africa: Sow the critical seeds of fruit consumption amongst our kids

We owe it to our children to advocate for their awareness around nutrition and obesity, and their fruit consumption seems a good place to start...

By Konanani Liphadzi 19 Oct 2018

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