Amanda is the founder of Writers Write. She creates business and creative writing courses. She has a social media following of more than 300 000 fans.
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The 18 responses you need for content to go viral

Content that elicits extreme positive or negative emotions gets your audience's attention. Once you have their attention, it is easier to get them to share...

By Amanda Patterson 21 Jun 2016

Nine habits you need for social media success

If you are trying to create more awareness for yourself, your product, or your business, you should be creating an online presence. Many people try and then give up...

By Amanda Patterson 28 Jan 2016

10 simple ways to improve your business writing style

We define a writer's style through his or her word choice and syntax. In business writing, we should choose words and sentence structures that convey our messages in the most effective way...

By Amanda Patterson 25 Jan 2016

How to comment on blogs and social media - six suggestions

We often hear advice on the way bloggers and page owners should treat their followers, but not much has been written about how followers should behave...

By Amanda Patterson 24 Nov 2015

25 types of content that make your blog irresistible

If you run a business in the 21st century, you will have to venture online. In order to run a successful business, you will have to get people to notice you and your brand with a strong social media presence...

By Amanda Patterson 4 Nov 2015

But how did the email make you feel?

I have been thinking about why some emails are successful and others are not. There are emails that make you want to continue doing business with the sender and there are those that make you want to complain...

By Amanda Patterson 2 Nov 2015

20 types of content you don't realise you're sharing

We all know, or should know, that content is king. What many of us do not realise is that content is more than just our blog posts. Promoting ourselves, our companies, and our brands on the Internet is the way we do business...

By Amanda Patterson 9 Oct 2015

The seven lessons I learned on the way to 600,000 followers

When I first became involved with social media seven years ago, I was lost. I knew I needed to be there, though, because something significant was happening in the world of marketing...

By Amanda Patterson 22 Jun 2015

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